UV Laser Engraving Machine (UV Galvo Etching Marker) For Glass, Stone

UV laser engraving machine wavelength is 355nm. This UV Galvo laser is suitable for ultra-fine marking. For example, no burrs when it is etching on the glass.

  • Model: LYU-3W
  • Laser Source: JPT UV 3W
  • Double red positioning
  • SINO 1001 & filed lens
  • Teyu S&A CW5200 water chiller
  • 175*175mm marking area
  • EZCAD 2.14.10

UV Laser Engraving Machine Features

UV laser engraving machine

This is an efficient UV laser engraving machine. This UV laser etching is equipped with a CW5200 water chiller suitable for sea transportation.

The UV laser marker we use is a 3W JPT UV Galvo laser generator. This brand of laser source is relatively more expensive, but its operation is very stable, the engraving effect is perfect, and there are no after-sales problems.

We also have 5W JPT optional, suitable for marking larger areas or creating depth on jade.

UV laser engraving machine with double red pointer
UV galvo etching marker showing the engraving position

The JPT UV laser is equipped with dual red light positioning devices, which can easily find the strongest focus position of the laser.

And it can be positioned quite accurately at the location that needs to be marked.

back view of UV galvo laser
3W 5W JPT UV laser

The UV laser source is placed in the crossbar part of the machine. The fiber optic and signal cables are directly connected to the laser source.

The laser source also has two pipes connected to the water chiller: inlet and outlet pipes, which are transparent.

It is convenient to check whether the water is dirty or flows smoothly.

UV Laser Etching Samples

UV galvo laser engrave on glass
UV laser engraving machine carving on glass
UV laser etching on jade stone
uv laser engraver carving on stone

UV Laser Engraving Machine Summary

I hope this article on the UV laser engraving machine will help you better understand the structure and function of this UV Galvo laser.

UV laser etching machine is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and fully functional for many years with proper operation.

If this is the UV laser engraver you need, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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