UV Laser Engraver Marking Machine JPT 3W 5W Water Cooling

UV laser engraver is mainly used to engrave glass, jade, ceramics, plastic rubber, melamine tableware, etc. Thie UV laser marking machine can produce very delicate and high-precision marking effects. It is a cold laser beam and will not burn the product’s surface.

The laser source that we use most frequently is the 3W 5W UV laser. The engraving effect is the best and most stable.

UV Laser Engraver Catagory

The UV laser engraver uses a cold laser source with a wavelength of 355nm. Smaller focused spot diameter and the thermal influence are also small (negligible), so the UV laser marking effect is more exquisite and precise.

We have the following models available:

  •   Integrated laser engraving marker
  •   PCB Marking UV galvo
  •  Table type 5W UV laser

The UV laser printing machine requires a water chiller (Teyu S&A CW5200) to use. It is used to cool the laser source to ensure a better working effect and a long service life.

flying UV laser engraver

UV Laser Engraver Summary

The above are the types of our UV laser engraver.

Many people say UV laser marking machines are all-around that can mark all materials. I’m afraid that’s not right.

Because metal can absorb the 1064nm wavelength very well, fiber laser sources are all 1064nm. UV is 355nm. Metal absorbs light of this wavelength very poorly, so the effect of UV marking on metal is not good.

UV can mark wood and fabric, and the effect is also good, but if your work is only on wood and fabric, you can choose a CO2 machine because the price of a 5W UV laser will be higher.

UV is especially suitable for materials such as glass, jade, and rubber, unsuitable for thermal light engraving.

So you can choose the right machine based on your materials. 

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