UV Galvo Laser Printing Machine 5W

The wavelength of the 5W UV Galvo laser is 355nm, and the precision and fineness of marking are very high. This UV laser printing machine is especially suitable for marking glass, diamonds, sapphire, ceramics, electronic components, plastic packaging bags, touch screens, and other products that require very high precision.

  • Model: LYU-5W
  • Laser Power: RFH UV 5W
  • Water Chiller: CW5200
  • Double red pointer & field lens
  • SINO Galvanometer & Filed lens
  • 220V single phase

UV Galvo Laser Features

UV galvo laser description

This UV Galvo laser is a desktop style and is suitable for sea transportation.
The chassis structure of the UV laser printing machine is very simple:

  • Two switching power supplies
  • A laser power supply for 5W UV laser source
  • A control board

The laser source we use is an RFH 5W water-cooling type.
We also have JPT 3W 5W 10W to choose from.

cabinet of UV laser printing machine
water chiller of 5W UV laser

The parts inside the UV marking machine chassis and the arrangement of every wire are very neat and clean. And we have marked the wire number on each wire to facilitate future inspection and maintenance.

The chiller we use is Teyu S&A CW5200, which has a very good cooling effect, long service life, and low operating sound. It can protect the laser well and extend its service life.

UV laser engraving machine with double red pointer
UV galvo etching marker showing the engraving position

The UV etching machine uses a double red light positioning device, which makes it easy to move the handle to find the most accurate focus position.

At the same time, you can clearly locate the location you want to mark to achieve the most accurate marking effect.

5W UV Laser Printing Machine Application

uv laser printing machine engrave on plastic
uv galvo laser enrgave on glass

UV Galvo Laser Summary

The above is the description of our desktop UV galvo laser. If you have special materials and are unsure which uv laser printing machine will work best, you can send me samples.

Our showroom has ready-made 3W 5W UV laser to help you test samples and provide the best solution.

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