Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine: Precision and Portability in Every Mark

Shubinlaser introduces a game-changing solution for industrial marking needs with our Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine. In this article, we will explore the features and capabilities of the smallest model in our lineup, the 8030.

This compact yet powerful handheld device is designed for precision marking, making it an ideal choice for applications like marking frame and engine numbers on electric cars and automobiles. Dive into the world of Shubinlaser’s innovative technology as we unveil the features of the Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine and discuss its applications in various industries.

handheld dot peen marking machine with cabinet
80*30mm dot peen marking machine with cabinet

Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine: Model 8030

Key Features : The 8030 Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine from Shubinlaser packs a punch with its compact design and powerful features. With a marking size of 80*30mm, this handheld device is perfect for precision marking in tight spaces. The machine comes equipped with two marking needles, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every mark.

Designed to handle various materials, the 8030 can mark on surfaces with a thickness of up to 1mm, providing versatility for a range of industrial applications. The power options of 110V/220V make it adaptable to different electrical systems, adding convenience to its usage.

Weighing in at approximately 3KG, the 8030 is a lightweight solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. Its portability ensures that you can take the power of dot peen marking wherever you go. This handheld device is not just a marking machine; it’s a versatile tool that adapts to your industrial marking needs with ease.

Applications in Automotive Industry : The 8030 Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine finds its sweet spot in the automotive industry, specifically in marking the frame number and engine number of electric cars and automobiles. Its compact size and precise marking capabilities make it an ideal choice for intricate and detailed engraving on metal surfaces.

With two marking needles, the 8030 can efficiently and accurately mark essential identification numbers, contributing to the traceability and authenticity of automotive components. The durable and clear markings created by the 8030 ensure that vital information remains legible over time, meeting industry standards for quality and compliance.

handheld dot peen marking machine inside
handheld dot peen marking machine inside

Explore the Range: Other Portable Dot Peen Markers

In addition to the 8030, Shubinlaser offers a range of other portable dot peen markers to cater to diverse industrial needs. These models, available in various marking sizes, include:

  • 125*30mm
  • 140*40mm
  • 160*40mm
  • 180*90mm

Each of these models is designed to provide flexibility in marking applications. Whether you’re working with smaller components or need a larger marking area, Shubinlaser has a portable dot peen marker that suits your requirements. These machines share the same commitment to precision, reliability, and portability that define the Shubinlaser brand.

Why Choose Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine?

Precision and Efficiency : Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine, especially the 8030 model, is synonymous with precision and efficiency. The two marking needles work in tandem to create clear, durable, and high-quality marks on various surfaces. The compact design ensures that intricate details can be marked with accuracy, making it a preferred choice for industries where precision matters.

Versatility in Applications : The versatility of Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine makes it a valuable asset across different industries. From automotive components to machinery parts, the 8030 model is designed to meet diverse marking needs. Its adaptability to different materials and surfaces showcases its versatility, making it a go-to solution for professionals seeking a reliable and flexible marking tool.

Ease of Use and Portability: Shubinlaser prioritizes user convenience, and the Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine reflects this commitment. Weighing only 3KG, the 8030 is easy to handle and transport, providing users with the flexibility to mark components on-site. The user-friendly design and intuitive controls make this handheld device accessible to both beginners and experienced operators, ensuring a hassle-free marking experience.

handheld dot peen marking machine
handheld dot peen marking machine

Conclusion: Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine – Precision Where You Need It 

In conclusion, Shubinlaser’s Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine, particularly the 8030 model, stands as a beacon of precision, efficiency, and versatility in industrial marking. From its compact design to its powerful marking capabilities, this handheld device is a testament to Shubinlaser’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for diverse industrial applications. Explore the range of portable dot peen markers offered by Shubinlaser, and elevate your marking processes with precision where you need it the most. Choose Shubinlaser for a marking experience that goes beyond expectations.

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