Revolutionizing Surface Cleaning: Shubinlaser’s LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

In the realm of industrial cleaning solutions, Shubinlaser emerges as a trailblazer with its cutting-edge LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine. This article delves into the intricacies of this state-of-the-art cleaning marvel, designed to transform surface cleaning processes across various industries. With the pulse laser technology at its core, Shubinlaser’s LYP-200W promises efficiency, precision, and environmental friendliness. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and the transformative impact of this advanced cleaning solution.

200w pulse laser cleaning machine
200w pulse laser cleaning machine

Shubinlaser’s LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine: Unveiling the Technology :

At the heart of Shubinlaser’s innovative cleaning solution is the LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine, a powerful device equipped with advanced features to cater to a myriad of industrial cleaning needs. Here’s a closer look at its key specifications:

  • Model: LYP-200W:
    • Represents the advanced pulse laser cleaning technology.
  • Laser Source: Maxphonics 200W (JPT Optional):
    • High-powered laser source for efficient and precise cleaning.
  • Cleaning Area: 145*145mm:
    • Covers a substantial surface area with each cleaning cycle, enhancing productivity.
  • Fiber Wire Length: 3 meters:
    • Provides flexibility and reach for various cleaning applications.
  • Control System: ZBTK:
    • State-of-the-art control system for seamless operation and precise cleaning parameters.
  • Air Cooling System:
    • Ensures optimal operating temperature for consistent performance.
  • 220V Single Phase:
    • Energy-efficient and suitable for a range of industrial settings.
  • Machine Size: 610430970mm:
    • Compact design for easy integration into diverse workspaces.
  • Weight: 60kg:
    • Lightweight yet robust construction for portability and durability.

Benefits of Shubinlaser’s LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine :

  1. Precision Cleaning:
    • The pulse laser technology ensures precise and targeted cleaning, leaving surfaces immaculate.
  2. Versatility:
    • Suitable for a wide range of materials, from metal to delicate surfaces, offering unmatched versatility.
  3. Environmentally Friendly:
    • Eliminates the need for abrasive chemicals or solvents, contributing to a cleaner and greener working environment.
  4. Increased Efficiency:
    • With a substantial cleaning area and rapid cleaning cycles, the LYP-200W enhances overall operational efficiency.
  5. Low Maintenance:
    • Minimal moving parts and a robust design translate to reduced maintenance requirements, ensuring continuous productivity.
  6. User-Friendly Operation:
    • The ZBTK control system simplifies operation, making it accessible for operators with varying levels of expertise.

Applications and Industries :

Shubinlaser’s LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine finds applications across a spectrum of industries, revolutionizing surface cleaning processes. Some notable applications include:

  • Manufacturing and Production:
    • Ideal for rust removal, paint stripping, and surface preparation in metal fabrication and manufacturing.
  • Automotive Industry:
    • Efficiently cleans automotive components, removing contaminants and preparing surfaces for finishing.
  • Historical Restoration:
    • Gentle enough for delicate surfaces, making it suitable for historical artifact restoration.
  • Aerospace:
    • Precision cleaning of aerospace components for improved performance and longevity.
  • Electronics Manufacturing:
    • Removes residues and contaminants from electronic components without causing damage.
laser cleaner for sale
laser cleaner for sale


Shubinlaser’s LYP-200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine stands at the forefront of innovation in the realm of industrial cleaning solutions. Its advanced features, precision cleaning capabilities, and environmental friendliness make it a game-changer across diverse industries. As the demand for efficient and sustainable cleaning processes grows, Shubinlaser’s commitment to excellence shines through in the LYP-200W—a testament to the future of surface cleaning technology. Invest in this cutting-edge solution to elevate your industrial cleaning processes and embrace a new era of efficiency and precision.

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