Small Laser Welding Machine Price 1500W Portable Welder For Sale

Our hottest small laser welding machine price is reasonable. The welding result is good, and it is ideal for smaller workshops. The best lazer welding machine.

  • Model: LY-M1500W
  • Laser source: Maxphonics
  • Power: 1500W
  • Water Chiller: YTJ-2000W Huaku integrated cover
  • Control System: Au3tech
  • 220V single phase

Small Laser Welding Machine Price Details

Small Laser Welding Machine Price with wire feeder

This 1500W small laser welding machine price is 3600$.

It occupies a small area, and the fiber laser welder is easy to move.
Machine Size:850*435*725mm 
Weight: 150KG

This lazer welding machine uses Maxphonics 1500W. It is a very cost-effective laser source brand.
We also cooperate with more laser brands as below:


The laser Source is also the most important factor affecting the price of the fiber welder.

Wire feeder included, together delivery with the laser welders.

Small Laser Welding Machine Price with water chiller

Parts Included in This Handheld Laser Welder Price

This water chiller is an integrated design. Integrate the hand held welding machine casing and chiller.
This saves space.

The power of the laser ganerator is 1500W. We use a 2000W chiller.

It has a stronger cooling effect and can better protect the laser source.

handheld laser welder with chaoqiang welding head

The Welding Gun of the metal laser welder is CHAOQIANGcontrol system also CHAOQIANG.

The chaoqiang company specializes in laser welding, cleaning machine systems, and welding heads. 

The system works very well, with a touch screen operation screen. Parameters can be saved and set, and the touch screen is sensitive.

We also have the RelFar / Qilin control system and head optional.

handheld laser welding machine Price with au3tech system

Reasonably Priced Laser Welder Create Good Samples

best Small Laser Welding Machine Price can do a good job on steel
reasonable price handheld laser welding machine welding on iron
cheap Small Laser Welding Machine do surface welding on steel
metal laser welding machine on steel tube

Small Laser Welding Machine Price Summary

That’s our small laser welding machine price and what it comes with. The power of the laser generator that can be installed on this small cabinet is 2000W. If it is more than 2000W, a large cabinet will be needed.

If you don’t know what power is required for the thickness of your plate, contact us now, and we will help you choose.

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