Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine 100W Rust Removal For Sale

This is our backpack-style pulse laser cleaning machine. The cleaning accuracy is very high, especially for mold products, without causing any damage.

  • Model: LYP-100W
  • Cleaning Size: 110*110mm
  • Laser Source: Maxphonics 100W
  • Air Cooling
  • Control System & Cleaning head: Guoyuan
  • Fiber Wire Length:3m
  • Voltage: 220V single phase

Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine Features

pulse laser clearning machine view of back

This is our best-selling pulse laser cleaning machine. The price is very reasonable, ultra-high cleaning accuracy, and it is easy to move. Express shipping is available and You can expect to receive your order within 8-10 days.

Machine size:350x350x300

Machine weight: 10KG

Fiber laser wire length is 3 meters.

This rust remover machine laser source is Maxphonics 100W. We also have JPT 100W available; the machine will be a little bigger.

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portable laser cleaning machine shoulder strap
pulse laser cleaning fixed to the fuselage

The shoulder strap of the laser rust cleaning machine is fixed to the fuselage with expansion screws and nuts. It is very strong, and there is no need to worry about falling.

Nylon rope shoulder strap, very strong and fireproof.

portable laser rust removal machine price reasonable
rust removal laser head

Guoyuan system, entire touch operation. The system has complete functions. Most importantly, the light output is uniform, and the process is stable. There are eight different laser beam output modes available for various cleaning requirements.

The cleaning head is 0.5KG. Cleaning area is 110*110mm.

This laser cleaning system is light and efficient.

100 watt pulsed jpt fiber laser cleaning machine

Upgradable Parts Of Laser Rust Cleaner

We also have 100watt pulsed jpt fiber laser cleaning machine. This laser is slightly larger and can be made into a trolley case. It cannot be carried on the shoulder.

Samples Of Pulse Laser Rust Removal

samples of continue laser cleaning machine
  • On the left is a sample of a continuous laser cleaner rust removal.

There will be some horizontal lines on the surface, suitable for rough processing.

  • On the right is a pulse laser cleaner sample with no surface damage and suitable for ultra-fine processing.
Samples of pulse laser cleaning machine

Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine Summary

I hope you enjoy our Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine 100W article. If you only need to clean smaller precision instruments, this machine is for you.

You can choose our continuous laser cleaning equipment if you have a limited budget and don’t need too fine a cleaning effect.

We can help you find the perfect fiber laser cleaner that suits your needs.

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