Portable Metal Marking Machine – Dot Marking System

Portable Metal Marking Machine is our specialty dot peen marking system. This is a best multifunctional pneumatic marking machine. It can engrave metal parts.

It also has a base support for nameplate engraving.

This pin marking machine working size is 180*90mm.

We have have other model optional: 80*30mm, 125*30mm, 140*40mm, 160*40mm



Portable Metal Marking Machine Features

portable metal marking 18090

Among all our Portable Metal Marking Machine, this one is the largest and also can engrave nameplates.

The dot marking system has a dedicated nameplate engraving bracket, a magnet, and two pressure plates so customers can fix the material very tight.

It has a dot matrix function, so we also call it a dot matrix engraver.

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Portable Dot peen Marker Size

portable metal marking size show

These are the exact dimensions of the machine as marked on our drawings.

The weight of the pneumatic dot pin marking machine is about 8KG

Portable Dot Pin Marking Machine Parts

portable metal marking machine pressure gage

The pneumatic dot peen needs to be connected to an air compressor. Adjust the air pressure to 0.3-0.4mpa to work.

dot peen marking machine nameplate holder

This is specially used for engraving nameplates.
The handheld dot peen marker is equipped with
1*Nameplate Magnets
2*pressure plates
Ensure that the peen machine does not shift during work.

handheld dot peen marking machine cabinet

Basic cabinet, if you don’t need to move the portable dot peen machine around, then a basic cabinet will be good enough for your job. It’s cheap. Just need to connect your computer, the dot peen marking machine software is ThroX6.

If you want to mark with a specific font, then you can upgrade to the ThroX7 system, you can customize the font.

pin marking machine K2 operate system

You can upgrade the dot pin machine software to the K2 system if you have enough budget.

This is the installed Throx7 software. It supports self-designed fonts and works offline.

Portable Dot Peen Machine Application

Pin Marking Machine different size needles

This handheld dot peen machine is compatible with needles of up to four diameters. 

This 18090 dot peen metal marking machine comes standard with 3mm needles, two in total. If you need to mark to a depth of 1mm, we recommend a 5mm diameter needle.

Dot Marking System sample

The pin dot marking machine can mark all types of letters, numbers. If you have requirements for the format of the fonts, you can download the fonts, import them into the system and they will be ready to use.

Portable Metal Marking Machine sample

The dot peen machine can engrave nameplates. 

The working size of the portable dot peen marker is 180*90mm.

It fits the size of the nameplate.

Portable Metal Marking Machine engrave name plate

Design the position of the nameplate marking content in the software.

It can be precisely marked at the position you want

Pin Dot Marking Machine Accessories & Package

Portable Metal Marking Machine package accessories

peen marking Machine accessories included
1*Control cabinet
1*Power cable
1*Data cable
1*Connection cable
5m*Air pipe
1*pressure gauge
1*Nameplate holder

Portable Metal Marking Machine package

We take great care in packaging our dot engraving machine inside and out to ensure that they are delivered to you in perfect condition!

Portable Metal Marking Machine Summary

These are all the details of our 18090 portable metal marking machine.

All our pneumatic marking machines can print identification information on car and motorbike parts, such as numbers, names, logos, production dates.

If you would like to know more about the features and videos of the dot peen marking systems, please get in touch with us.

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