Portable Laser Marker Fiber Laser Marking Machine For All Metal

This is our hottest portable laser marker. Ideal for small businesses and hobbies. It’s the most cost-effective fiber laser marking machine for metal.

  • Laser power: 20W Maxphonics
  • Marking size: 110*110mm (150mm optional)
  • SINO 1001 Galvanometer
  • Double Red Pointer
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V/220V single pahse

Portable Laser Marker Features

portable laser marker size

This is one of our very popular portable laser markers.

Package size: 545*440*285mm

Package Weight: 18kg

  • This fiber marking weight is very suitable for door-to-door express transportation, and the price is very cheap.
  • The fiber engraver uses a 20W Maxphonics brand, a unique mini laser source.
  • It reduces the size while ensuring the stability and high quality of the laser beam output.


portable laser marker control cabinet

Portable Metal Engraver Control Cabinet

Although the chassis is small, The internal parts of the engraving machine portable are the same as our machines.

  • Three switching power supplies
  • A genuine EZCAD 2.14.10

Ensures complete multifunctional operation of the machine.

500mm portable laser marker

Portable Fiber Laser Engraver Upgradable Parts

The laser etching metal machine focuses using two red dots, and you can easily find the best focal height by moving the handle.

The portable laser marker uses a SINO1001 high-speed galvanometer and is equipped with a SINO field lens. Ensure the uniformity and quality of laser light output.


portable laser marker 500mm upright
portable fiber laser SINO 1001

Red Pointer Of Portable Etching Machine

This portable fiber laser is a Mini design, the Z height height is 300mm, and it supports a maximum field lens of 150mm.

On the right is our customized 200mm heightening accessory. In this way, the small laser printing machine can also use larger field lenses.

The fiber laser portable can add a rotating axis.

mini laser marking machine for metal with two red pointer

Smaples Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal

portable metal engraving machine on stainless steel

With the addition of a rotating axis, you can engrave round materials. You can engrave very small letters, which is very suitable for customized souvenirs for customers.

laser marking machines

Can do any kind of surface engraving

small laser printing machine engrave photo

It’s very easy to do photo engraving

Accessories Of Portable Laser Marking Machine

portable laser marker with accessories

These are the accessories of our portable marking machine for metal.

When you receive the mini fiber laser engraver, you only need to connect it to the computer and install the software, and the machine can start working.

portable laser marker package

The packaging of the mini fiber laser engraver is a carton with foam padding inside.

It can ensure the safety of transportation. If you have concerns about the packaging, we can change it to plywood packaging.

We can all do it.

Portable Laser Marker Summary

This is the introduction of our portable laser marker. The portable fiber laser marking machine can be shipped express door-to-door via FedEx.DHL UPS. We can quote you a detailed price for your reference.
If you like this portable laser marking machine for metal, please contact us.

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