Portable Laser Cleaner Hand Held Laser Rust Remover

The portable laser cleaner is also called hand held laser rust remover. It is mainly for cleaning the metal surface. Fast and effective. Reasonable price.

  • Model: LY-C-1500W
  • Laser Source: Maxphonics 1500W
  • Cleaning area: Max 300mm
  • Cleaning System: RelFar
  • Voltage: 220V single phase

Portable Laser Cleaner Features

This is a small, portable laser cleaner. The scope of cleaning objects is very wide – 300mm. This method can be used to clean everything from large lumps of dirt (fingerprints, rust spots, oil stains, paint) to small fine particles (metal ultrafine particles, dust);

Portable Laser Cleaner inside

This hand held laser rust remover is a completely “dry” cleaning process. It does not require the use of cleaning fluids or other chemical solutions. It is a “green” cleaning process.

  • Laser source: Maxphonics 1500W
  • Additionally, we offer the optional laser source below: Raycus / JPT / RECI.

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handheld laser cleaner water chiller

Laser Rust Cleaning Machine Water Chiller

This water chiller of the handheld laser cleaner is quite special. It is connected together with the casing.

This fiber laser cleaning machine is designed to save space and be portable, so the water chiller is built-in.

  • The chiller model is: HALI SCHYTJ-1500
  • Dimensions are:985*420*710mm

Greatly saves space and is easy to move.

We also have Teyu S&A water chillers to choose from.

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Control System

This Control system of the laser rust cleaning machine is RelFar.

The entire touchscreen operating system is sensitive and efficient.

  • The cleaning head is also RelFar. They are a set.
  • The maximum cleaning surface is 300mm.

We have other cleaning systems available: CHAOQIANG.

Portable Laser Cleaner control panel
handheld laser rust remover cleaning gun

Hand Held Laser Rust Remover Sample

laser cleaner rust removal is suitable for almost all solid materials. And in many cases, it is possible to remove only the dirt without damaging the material.

Cleaning is fast and easy, without any consumables or chemicals.

laser cleaning machine

Weld Seam Cleaning

laser rust removal machine

Railway Rust Removal

Portable Laser Cleaner Summary

The above are the details of our portable laser cleaner.

Laser can be transmitted through optical fiber and cooperated with robots to facilitate long-distance operation. This hand held laser rust remover can clean parts that are difficult to reach by traditional methods. This can ensure the safety of personnel when used in some dangerous places.

If this is the rust cleaning machine you need, please contact us!

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