Pneumatic Marking Machine – Portable Dot Peen Marker 16040

This is an integrated touchscreen pneumatic marking machine. The portable dot peen marker software is ThroX7, which allows you to design your own fonts.

The control cabinet and touch screen are on the machine.Just connect the air compressor and the machine is ready to work. Easy to carry and move for marking

  • Marking size 160*40mm
  • Software: ThroX7
  • Control way: Touchscreen
  • Voltage: 110V/220V

16040 Pneumatic Marking Machine Features

pneumatic marking machine with annotate

This is one of our most popular pneumatic marking machine.

The biggest feature is that it is portable and can customize fonts.

Compared with the 14040 model, the motor of this dot peen marker is larger and works more powerfully. Stable and effective.

The software is Throx7 with more functions.

For more videos, please reference our YouTube channel.

16040 Pin Marking Machine size

16040 pneumatic marking machine size

As you can see from the drawings, the whole dot marking machine is also very compact in size and simple in structure.

This is the best handheld dot peen engraver.

Peen Marking Machine Parts Intruduction

16040 dot peen marking machine K2 screen

K2 Control System OF Handheld Dot Peen Marker

The touch screen is very sensitive and can be operated directly with your finger.

The handheld marking machine supports dot-matrix function.

pneumatic marking machine with two magnets

The Peen Marking Machine Has Two Magnets.

After power on, it can firmly absorb the metal to ensure that the dot peen marking systems will not move under strong working force.

pin marking machine air valve

Air Valve Of Pneumatic Dot Peen

Connect the pipe to the air compressor, adjust the air pressure at 0.3-0.5MPA, and the machine can work.
This 16040 dot peen engraving machine will be equipped with a 5m long pipe.

If you have requirements for the length of the pipe, you can communicate with me, and we will note the length you need when placing an order to our factory.

Portable Dot Pin Marking Machine Application

The dot engraving machine can mark frame number, engine number, VIN number, also can do dot matrix, marking letters, graphics.

dot peen marking systems matrix sample
pneumatic marking engrave on tube
pneumatic marking machine engrave on motobike

Our Dot Peen Metal Marking Machine Workshop

We have a lot of dot engraving case in stock in our factory, we have a lot of agents placing orders every month. Production and quality test can be done within 2 days.

different types dot pin machine
peen machine on stock
dot pin marking machine factory

Pneumatic Marking Machine Summary

These are the details of our 16040 pneumatic marking machine. If you are interested in this portable dot peen marker, you can contact us to provide you with a detailed technical quotation.

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