Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine – Portable Peen Machine

Looking for a pneumatic dot pin marking machine to engrave metal parts? Our integrated portable peen machine is the answer. It’s easy to move and use.

  • Marking size 140*40mm
  • Software: ThroX6
  • TouchScreen operate
  • Marking Needles: 2 pcs
  • Voltage: 110V/220V single phase

Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine Feature

Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine details indication

This is our cheapest integrated pneumatic dot pin marking machine.
The peen machine, the control cabinet, and the display screen are integrated.
You only need to connect the air compressor to operate.

You can click on the YouTube link to watch more videos.

14040 Dot Peen Machine Size

Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine size

The size of the portable pneumatic peen machine is shown in the figure, and the size of the screen is also marked.
It is suitable for customers who have limited budget and need to move and use the machine frequently.

Comparison Of Pneumatic Marking Machines

Portable Peen Machine structure

This 14040 all-in-one dot pin machine has some features that need to be explained:

  • Only SLG format is supported, you need a software to convert the format, other formats are not supported.
  • The dot matrix function is not supported.

If you need multi-function, then recommend 16040 all-in-one handheld dot peen engraver .It has some advantages that the 14040 does not have:

  • Supported image formats:
  • Support dot matrix function
  • Support self-designed fonts

Portable Pot Peen Pachine Samples

pneumatic dot pin marking machine engrave round tube
dot peen engrave marking on stainless steel
dot peen engraving machine
portable dot peen marking machine installed two metal blocks

This is the marking sample of our 14040 all-in-one dot engraving machine

  • Pic 1 – With the addition of a cylindrical holder, it is possible to mark round tubes.
  • pic 2 – The engine number
  • Pic 3 – The graphic and text engraving
  • Cylindrical holder

Our Portable Dot Peen Machine Warehouse

dot peen marker with spare parts

The dot peen engraver has a mouse. You can use it by touching the screen, or you can directly operate the machine with your finger on the screen.

peen machine on stock

Our factory has a lot of dot peen marking systems in stock, which can be shipped in time. The dot marking machine is small in size and can be shipped by express delivery. The freight price is also very reasonable. Welcome Inquiry.

Pneumatic Dot Pin Marking Machine Summary

If you are interested in our 14040 Pneumatic dot pin marking machine, please contact us for more videos and datasheets.

I hope our Portable Peen Machine can help you improve your business.

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