Pin Marking Machine – Best Dot Peen Engraver (140*40mm)

A pin marking machine is used for chassis number and VIN number engraving. You can also use this dot peen engraver for graphic and QR code carving.

  • Working area: 140*40mm
  • Carving needles: 2pcs
  • Marking speed: 5-100 characters/min
  • Air pressure required: 0.3-0.5MPA

Pin Marking Machine Features

Pin Marking Machine structure

The working size of this pin marking machine is 140*40mm.

It is suitable for many serial number sizes. That’s why this model is very popular.

The whole machine is a portable structure and can be moved easily. You can make any place you need.

Dimensions drawing of dot marking machine.

portable dot peen marking machine size


To know the details size is necessary because many customers use this machine to engrave relatively large metals.

So, they often consider whether the size of the machine is suitable for their work application.

14040 Dot Peen Machine inside show

pin marking machine structure

Here is the pic showing the whole portable pneumatic marking machine structure.
X, Y axis has two motors, which control the left and right movement of the marking needle
The square guide rail ensures the smooth operation of the machine and high precision.
The portable dot peen is equipped with a basic control box and ThroX6 system, which needs to be connected to a computer and supports the window operating system.

Dot Peen Engraver Optionals

pin marking machine with longer needle

This is a longer needle bracket that can be added to the portable dot peen machine to mark in deep places.

Longer needles standard length is 120mm. We can also customize the length based on your job.

pin marking machine K2 operate system

This is the K2 touch screen operating system, no need to connect to a computer. You can design your own fonts. Dot peen marking machine software is ThroX7

If you can’t download some fonts you preferred on the internet, then the K2 system is very suitable for you.

14040 Pneumatic Dot peen Marking Machine Application

Pin Marking Machine different size needles

Dot Engraving Machine Needles

There are four sizes of needles available for our dot pin machine.
2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

  • The machine comes standard with two 3mm needles.The
  • 2mm is mainly used for fine line engraving.
  • 5mm is mainly for 1mm depth marking.
pin marking machine 2mm needles

Sample of Portable Dot Peen Marker

This is the marking effect of our 2mm fine needle, the engraved line is very thin.

dot peen engrave marking on stainless steel

Dot Marking System On Stainless Steel

This is the machine marking effect on stainless steel.

Supports many fonts.

It also can do dot matrix engraving.


Check our 14040 industrial dot peen marking machine working video.

For More videos, please Reference YouTube.

14040 Dot Peen Engraver Different Color

white color pin marking machine

The standard color of the handheld dot peen marker is white.

At present, We have plenty of these colored covers available in our stock.

red color peen machine

Red is our customized color.

If you want to sell the pin marking machine locally and want your own unique color and structure, we are dot peen marking machine manufacturers, we can also help you design.

Accessories Of Dot Peen Metal Marking Machine

dot peen marking machine other parts

This is the accessory we come with our pneumatic dot pin marking machine, when you receive the machine, you just need to prepare an air compressor to work

pin marking machine plywood package

Fumigation-free plywood, the most professional packaging.

To ensure that the portable dot peen marking systems will not have any transport damage

What is pin marking?

Pin marking, also known as dot marking or pneumatic marking, is a method of permanently marking a surface using a pneumatic-driven needle. The needle repeatedly strikes the surface, creating a series of closely spaced dots that form alphanumeric characters, logos, or other types of markings.

There are four model marking needles to achieve different marking depths and widths.

Pin marking has several advantages. It is a versatile and durable marking method for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and even some hard surfaces. The markings are permanent. Needle marking is highly accurate and produces high-quality, legible marks with clear and distinct characters. It also can do dot matrix metal marking.

dot peen part marking is commonly used for product identification, serial numbers, part numbers, logos and other markings that require permanence and traceability.

Pin Marking Machine Summary

Overall, the pin marking machine is convenient for product identification and marking needs. It is easy to use and does not require too much technical knowledge to learn.

We offer 18 hours of online support. If you have any doubts about using the machine, we are here to assist you in resolving the issue promptly.

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