Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine With 800mm Tower

This is our customized optical fiber laser marking machine. It is a split type with a handheld part and an 800mm upright height extension.

  • Model: LY-C-50W
  • Laser Generator: 50W QB Raycus
  • Marking lens: 150mm + 300mm two lenses
  • Handheld part
  • 800mm upright height
  • 110V / 220V single phase

Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Features

This is a customized multifunctional optical fiber laser marking machine. It is designed to perform two functions

1. Processing of thick materials on the machine table.
2. It can move easily to mark large items that can’t be put on the table.

laser engraver for stainless steel

Structure Of Metal Eching Machine

This laser engraving machine structure is also very simple:

  • Split machine cover
  • Hand-held removable design for the crossbar.
  • Column height increased to 800 mm (standard height is 500 mm)

This fiber laser engraver uses a Raycus 50W QB laser source. We have the JPT brand optional.

best laser marking machine with handheld part

Handheld Part Of Metal Marking Machines

Higher column height is needed because the customer requires a larger working area and thicker material.

  • The laser printing machine stand is 800mm to process thicker material on the table.
  • The handheld part of the metal engraving laser machine is easily picked up by removing a few screws. The weight is 3 kg.

LED lamp included

Laser Etcher Metal Useful Parts

The fiber optic laser engraving machine has this plate support for cutting and deep engraving in thin and soft metals.
It can hold the material tightly to ensure it will not deform or move during cutting or deep engraving.

Guarantee the High accuracy.

cnc laser marking machine with plate support
  • The rotary axis equipped on this metal etching machine diameter is 80mm. It is for the round materials processing.
  • We also have optional 100mm and 120mm diameters for these metal marking machines.
  • If your work is jewelry, we also have the 50mm 60mm rotary axis for rings and bracelets.
optical fiber laser marking machine with rotary axis
fiber optic laser engraving machine white color

Upgradable Parts Of 50w Fiber Laser

We have another color for this laser etching metal machine, white color, which is a little cheaper.

It can also be made into 800mm height of the column + handheld part.

It has the same function and configuration, just a different machine shell.

This 50w fiber laser is also equipped with two field lenses, so we added two positioning covers, one for 110mm and the other for 200mm.

  • 110mm field lens requires a 160mm positioning cover
  • 200mm field lens requires a 330mm positioning cover

Fiber Marking Machine Samples

fiber laser etching on stainless steel
optical fiber laser marking machine engrave on stainless steel
stainless steel engraving machine sample

Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Summary

The above is a detailed introduction to this optical fiber laser marking machine. We have our factory and can customize the most suitable configuration for your job. Please tell me your needs, and we will recommend the most suitable laser marking systems.

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