Laser Marking Portable Machine Mini Fiber Laser Engraver

This is our new design laser marking portable. The weight is 18kg, and there is a handle to carry it around. It is a very popular Mini Fiber Laser Engraver.

  • Model: LY-M20W
  • Laser Power: Maxphonics 20W
  • Marking size 110*110mm
  • SINO 1001 Galvanometer + filed lens
  • JCZ EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V/220V

Laser Marking Portable Machine Features

laser marking portable

This machine is our newest laser marking portable engraver.

The portable fiber laser is small and easy to move, and the whole machine weighs 18 kg.

The machine’s laser source is a maxphonic 20 W.

We can also do 30 W and 50 W for this style mini fiber laser engraver. Just a little bigger size.

mini fiber laser engraver

Cabinet Of Mini Fiber Laser Engraver

The machine’s control box is placed on the crossbeam.

It contains switching power supplies and lasers as well as EZCAD boards.
EZCAD is version 2.14.10. The machine is small, but the software is still full-featured.

Great for small businesses.

Additional Part Of Mini Fiber Laser Engraver

The portable fiber laser has a hand-held handle.

You can install a positioning cover on the machine, and you can easily mark anywhere you want.

A very multi-functional small laser printing machine.

laser marking portable machine
fiber laser engraver with double red pointer

SINO Galvanometer 1001 type. We also have SINO 7110 and SG2206 optional.

portable laser marking machine multi-function

This portable etching machine filed lens is 110mm.

The focal position device length is 160mm.

Sample Of Portable Metal Engraver

The portable handheld laser engraver supports a maximum field lens of 150mm. If you want to use a rotating axis, choosing a 100mm or 70mm field lens is most suitable. Below is a sample display of this small fiber laser engraver marking flat and cylindrical materials.

Please visit our YouTube channel to access more machine-working videos and explore a range of models.

laser marking portable engrave on stainless steel
portable metal engrave engrave 3 colors on metal
mini fiber laser engraver on stainless steel

Laser Marking Portable Summary

That’s the basic info on our new laser marking portable machine for metal. If you want this portable laser engraver to install a 30W 50W laser, please get in touch with us for a quote.

We have more models to choose from and look forward to working with you.

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