Laser Marking Machine Portable Fiber Laser Printing Machine 50W

The laser marking machine portable type is the best small laser printing machine for metal surfaces and deep engraving. It also can do thin metal cutting.

  • Model: LY-50w
  • Marking size 110*110mm
  • Working table: Table moving / Head moving
  • JCZ control software
  • 110V/220V single phase

Laser Marking Machine Portable Features

portable laser printing machine

Engraving Machine Portable Structure

We have two different laser marking machine portable types to choose from, and both models are the same price. 

The one on the right is a multidimensional table. 

It can make finer adjustments to the marking accuracy in the up and down direction.

It’s a great laser engraving machine for metal.

laser marking machine portable
portable fiber laser size

Portable Laser Marker Configuration

This is a very cost-effective machine.

  • The engraving machine portable has larger casing space can accommodate 20W, 30W, and 50W laser sources.
  • The weight of the whole small laser printing machine is 38 kg. One person can easily move it.
  • This portable etching machine uses a Raycus 50w laser.
  • We also have Maxphonics and JPT laser sources available.

Portable Laser Printing Machine Special Design

portable fiber laser printing machine parts explain

The handle of the small fiber laser engraver is mounted on its top. A ball screw inside the machine can let the table move up and down.

The portable fiber laser engraver can install a maximum marking lens of 150mm.

If you need both a rotary axis and a large format, it is recommended that you choose two field lenses – 70mm and 150mm.

Replacing the field lens is as easy as changing a light bulb.

  • The portable metal engraver has a handle for easy lifting.
  • On the bottom is a non-slip foot pad to keep the portable laser marking system stable.
  • The fiber laser portable uses the best-selling SINO 1001 field mirror.
handle of laser marking portable
portable etching machine foot pad
portable metal laser engraving machine galvanometer

Portable Fiber Laser Samples

The biggest feature of this portable laser engraving equipment is that it can install a 50W laser source. It is most suitable for deep engraving and soft-metal cutting. The maximum cutting thickness is 1.2mm.
So, this laser etching device is portable and suitable for business. Below are sample pictures of this machine.

Please visit our YouTube channel to view additional videos.

laser marking portable engraving on stainless steel
portable laser printing machine cut copper
portable fiber laser engraver process on leather

Laser Marking Machine Portable Summary

The above is the detailed introduction of our laser marking machine portable. We also have many types of fiber optic laser engraver to choose from. You can also tell us your needs and we will recommend the best metal engraving laser machine for you based on your materials.

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