Laser Jewellery Welding Machine Permanent Jewelry Welder 200W

Our Laser Jewellery Welding Machine is mainly used for welding rings, bracelets, and other jewelry products. The effect is permanent. It is a perfect welder.

  • Model: LYJ-200W
  • Laser Source: 200W Xenon Tube
  • Input power: 6KW
  • Spot diameter: 0.6—3mm
  • Pulse width adjustment: 0.1—20ms
  • Water Cooling
  • 220V 50Hz Single Phase

Laser Jewellery Welding Machine Features

Laser Jewellery Welding Machine description

This is the best Laser Jewellery Welding Machine we sell—small size, suitable for small workshops.

This style of jewelry laser welder machine has a maximum power of 150W. We also have a 200W machine, which is slightly larger.

This permanent jewelry welding machine uses YAG xenon lamp tubes. We will send a spare one for free.

If you need to buy one, it costs 40$, so there are few consumables for later use.

jewelry welder microscopy
jewellery welder lens

The microscope lens of the jewellery welder has a scale to adjust the focus. You will see a cross structure inside. When the cross is seen accurately, the focal length is at its best.

The process of adjusting the focus is very simple, and even if you have never operated this laser welder jewelry machine before, you can adjust it very accurately.

touchscreen of laser jewellery welding machine
jewelry laser welder hand crank

The jewelry welder has a full English operation interface, and the interface operation is also very simple. The items that need to be adjusted are:

  • Program
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Pulse width
  • Spot diameter

A joystick is inside the welding machine jewelry chassis, a mechanical parameter adjustment device. It can be moved up, down, left, and right to adjust any value on the touchscreen interface. The jewelry spot welder is very convenient to use.

laser jewelry welder water chiller
laser welder jewelry cabinet

The power of this Laser Jewellery Welding Machine is 150W. The chiller is small and can be built into the chassis.
If the power is 200W, the chiller will be very large and cannot be built inside the chassis. You can choose a larger casing or install the chiller externally.

This is the internal structure of the spot welder for jewelry. We have arranged the wires very neatly. Each wire has its mark, and every component is very clean.

white color laser welding machine jewelry

We also have a variety of colors of the mini jewelry welder to choose from.

If you need a welder for jewelry making with high power and your workshop has enough space, you can choose the one on the right.

table type permanent jewelry welder machine

Permanent Jewelry Welding Machine Samples

permanent jewelry welding machine performance

This jewelry laser welder is widely used in various metal materials: gold, silver, platinum, copper, stainless steel, and other metal materials, including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tie clips, cuffs, and other jewelry, hole filling of metal jewelry, spot welding of trachoma, repair of seams, laser welding of inlaid parts, and claw feet.

jewelry laser welder machine samples

Package Of Jewelry Laser Welder Machine

jewellery laser welder package inside
welding jewelry machine
jewelry laser welders package case

The laser gold welding machine is packaged in professionally exported plywood, which is very strong. It can be transported by plane or by sea.

Package Size: 990*590*800mm

Package Weight: 88kg

This is a small jewelry welder.

Laser Jewellery Welding Machine Summary

That’s all about our Laser Jewellery Welding Machine. This jewelry laser welder machine is dedicated and is only used for welding jewelry. Therefore, the stability and professionalism of the machine are very good.

If you also like this permanent jewelry welding machine, please get in touch with us for a free quote.

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