Laser Etching Machine Fiber Laser For Engraving 500*300mm

The working area of this laser etching machine is 500*300mm. We added a movable sliding table for extensive surface marking. It’s the best fiber laser for engraving.

  • Model: LY-D50W
  • Laser Source: Raycus 50W
  • Max Marking Size:  500*300mm
  • SINO 7110 Galvanometer
  • JCZ LMC dual-axis card with spliced marking function

Laser Etching Machine Features

big area laser etching machine description

This laser etching machine is a 500*300mm big size fiber laser for engraving. It is a splicing marking function.

The metal laser marker uses a Raycus 50W laser.

We also have a JPT laser source optional.

laser engraving machine with sliding table

This is the sliding table of the laser etcher metal machine. The sliding table can move left and right.

The maximum area in the X direction is 500mm.

You can take it down when you don’t need to use it.

fiber laser machine with double red pointer

SINO 7110 galvanometer with a double red light locator, high-speed vibration, uniform light output, and good quality.

Two red dots help locate the focus, making it easy to find the best focus.

laser etching machine with sliding table

We also have larger slides lazer machines to choose from. This model adds sliding tables in the X and Y directions. The maximum area can be 600*400mm.

This marking machine also requires a JCZ LMC dual-axis card with a spliced marking function.

fiber laser for engraving 1500mm

This laser equipment is adding a sliding table to the column.

The maximum working size of the laser engraver machines is 1000*300mm.
In this model, the max working size can be 1500*300mm.

Laser Etcher Metal Samples

laser etching machine test on paper

Reference the laser engraving machine sample and working video.

Laser Etching Machine Summary

That’s all there is to know about our custom sliding table laser etching machine.
If you also want to customize a fiber laser engraver with particular working dimensions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will help you design it based on your materials.

We can also connect the laser printing machine to your production line. Realize mass production.

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