Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine For Gold Silver Ring 50W Raycus

A laser engraving jewelry machine is the best marking system for gold and silver. This jewelry marking machine can create markings both inside and outside rings and bracelets.
It also can do necklace cutting and deep engraving.

The machine can make a minimum height for the characters is 0.2mm. Make sure it can create any tiny performance on miniature materials.

Compact and lightweight, ideal for small businesses and workshops.

  • 50W Raycus laser source
  • SINO 1001 galvanometer & Filed lens
  • 110*110mm marking size
  • Rotary axis for rings & bracelet
  • 110V/220V voltage

Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine Features

Laser engraving jewelry machine for gold silver ring
  • This is an all-in-one model laser engraving jewelry machine.
  • The laser source, power supply, and control cabinet were built in the laser marker machine control cabinet.
  • This marking machine has heat-emission holes around the cover. Make sure the lazer machines have good ventilation.
  • It supports multi-marking sizes: 110mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm 300mm.
  • Permanent marking signs.
  • This laser equipment package size:760*460*570 mm
  • Package Weight: 51KG

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Best Jewelry Marking Machine Configuration

According to our experience, choosing the right brand laser source and power with the necessary accessories is enough for jewelry work!

  • Get a suitable laser source. We have the maxphonics, Raycus, and JPT laser sources available. Raycus is our hottest model.
  • Select a rotary axis for the round product.
  • A plate support for metal engraving and cutting

These three parts are the best match for all your jewelry work.

Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine show
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine for ring
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine plate support

Upgradable parts For Fiber Laser Engraver Jewelry

As we always say, your job determines the fiber laser machine’s configuration, and here are some of the upgrades we’ve made depending on the type of job.

Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine focal height

This fiber laser engraver supports 110mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, and 300mm lenses.

Different lenses require different focal heights.

The larger the lens size, the higher the focal length.

Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine 800mm

800mm Upright

The standard column of the 50w fiber laser is 500mm.

For marking on sizes up to 300*300mm and thicker materials, an 800mm upright is required.

Jewellery Laser Marking Machine Sample

This laser engraving jewelry machine is small, easy to move around, and powerful. I will introduce the laser marking systems from the following aspects of functional characteristics

  • Surface engraving
  • Deep engraving
  • Ring and bracelet engraving
  • Thin Metal cutting
laser printing machine

Surface Marking

This raycus 50w fiber laser can easily do surface engraving on gold, silver, brass, copper, stainless steel, etc. 

The marking speed max can be 9000mm/min. It can save more time and create the result very fast.

Permanent marking result. Suitable for customrized pattern for your customer.

Minimum 0.02mm letter height engraving, customize as you wish.

laser etching machines

Deep Engraving on Gold Jewelry

This galvo fiber laser also can do deep engraving. You can use a 30W or 50W laser source. A 100W laser source speed can be faster if you have enough budget.

The portable fiber laser has two deep engravings ways.

  • Recessed sculpture on the metal
  • Carve away the surrounding material.
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine for ring marking

Ring And Bracelet Engraving

If you want to mark on rings and bracelets, better equipted with a professional round materials rotary axis.

It can easily do inside and outside marks on the rings and bracelets.

Machine Minimum line width: 0.01mm

So it can do very tiny designs on rings.

laser marking systems

Necklace Cutting

If you want to do thin metal cutting, better choose a 50W laser power or more.

This 50w fiber laser engraver support soft metal cutting. Max cutting thickness can be 1.2mm. 

If you want to cut thicker, recommend a 2.5D EZCAD software machine, and select the Layered cutting function, it can cut thicker.

Useful parts For Jewelry Laser Marking Machines

For laser marking jewelry work, the following components are necessary helpers to make your designs perfect.

Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine for ring
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine for ring bracelet
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine plate support
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine

50mm Rotary Axis

This rotary axis diameter is 50mm, and it is suitable for rings inside and outside marks.

If your main work is rings, then this model will be your best choice.

60mm Rotary Axis

This rotary axis diameter is 60mm, suitable for rings and bracelets inside & outside marks.

It has many chucks of different diameters to fix various round materials and ensure high precision during processing.


Plate support To Cut Gold Silver

This accessory is the best helper for metal engraving, especially deep engraving and cutting. It can fix the material very tightly to ensure that the material is not deformed during the process.

Double red pointer

This is a very useful parts for small business industrial engraving machine.
It has two functions

  • Previews the engraving position
  • Helps set the optimal focal length, ensuring that the galvo laser machine is always working at the correct focal height

Q&A About Fiber Laser Jewelry

Can You Laser Engrave Jewellery?

Our laser engraving jewelry machine is commonly used for jewelry engraving. It is highly accurate, versatile, and durable, making it an ideal method for creating intricate designs and personalized engravings on various jewelry materials. Laser engraving has become a popular choice in the jewelry industry because of its ability to achieve precise and detailed markings that enhance the look of jewelry and add a personal touch to each piece. Whether creating a unique design, adding an inscription, or customizing a pattern, laser engraving offers a reliable and effective solution for jewelry engraving.

How do you laser engrave a ring?

The steps for laser engraving a ring are as follows:

  • Place the ring securely in the working area of the engraving machine. Make sure the machine is properly calibrated for the size and shape of the ring.
  • Design and set parameters: Set the appropriate parameters such as power, speed and frequency according to the type of metal and depth of engraving required.
  • Trial Run: Prior to actual engraving, it is recommended to perform a trial run on similar material or scrap to ensure that the setup and design are aligned correctly.
  • Fine-tuning and checking: After engraving, clean the ring to remove any residue from the engraving process.

Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine Summary

I hope you enjoy our article about this laser engraving jewelry machine.
If you want to be able to choose a perfect laser marking equipment, you can refer to what I mentioned in the article. These are all summed up from our actual operating experience of the galvo laser engraver. It is the most practical combination.
If you are interested in this 50 watt fiber laser of ours, please email us or contact us directly on WhatsApp.

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