Laser Engraver For Metal 30W Fiber Laser Marking

Our 30W table-type fiber laser is a suitable laser engraver for metal. The price is reasonable. You can also add a rotary axis to engrave round materials.

  • Model: LY-T-30W
  • Laser Power: 30W Q Raycus
  • Table Type
  • Marking size: 110mm (150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 300mm optional)
  • Double Red Pointer
  • JCZ (EZCAD 2.14.10)

Laser Engraver For Metal Features

laser engraver for metal parts description

This is our laser engraver for metal. This 30w fiber laser marking machine price/performance ratio is very high, and is a relatively classic style.
The control cabinet contains:

  • 30W Raycus Q laser source
  • Three switching power supplies,
  • EZCAD motherboard
  • A computer host (Includes computer monitor and stand)

This large case can support 50W, 80W, 100W, and 200W laser generator. You can choose according to your needs.
We also have JPT and maxphonics laser sources to choose from.

Useful Parts For Marking Laser Machine

laser marking machine with double red pointer
JPT fiber laser with double red pointer
  • The laser engraver machines has an external red pointer, which can adjust the focus easily and accurately. Also, it can show the working position.
  • The laser engraving machine uses a SINO 1001 galvanometer with fast speed, high precision, and good stability. (SINO 7110 and SG2206 optional)
  • The field lens of this laser etching machine is 110*110mm, and we also have 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, and 300mm to choose from.
laser engraver for metal with 4 switches
30W fiber laser working table

Aviation aluminum tabletop, wear-resistant and high hardness.

fiber laser engraver switch:

  • Main switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Laser source button
  • Galvanometer switch

It is convenient for you to control the laser printing machine better.

Upgradable Parts Of Fiber Engraver

half closed cover 30W laser marking machine

We can add a semi-enclosed cover if your factory has safety requirements for operating the fiber laser marking machine.

It is inexpensive and provides good protection.

800mm laser engraver for metal

The column of the fiber laser marking machine has been raised to 800mm. Used to process slightly larger materials.
We made a handheld part for moveable marking.
This positioning cover is made for a 200mm working lens.

30W Fiber Laser Samples

You can watch our videos to witness the machine’s various series and impressive working ability.

30W fiber laser marking machine on stainless steel
fiber laser engrave on iron
laser marking machine engrave on stainless steel

Package Of Fiber Laser Marking

accessories of fiber laser engraver

Complete accessories will be delivered together with the metal etching machine.

The fiber marking laser is ready. When you receive the machine, just install the driver on your PC—no need for other extra parts.

laser engraver package

Stronger plywood package.

laser engraver for steel package size: 920*760*1100mm

Package Weight: 130KG

Laser Engraver For Metal Summary

The above is a detailed explanation of our classic laser engraver for metal. The sales volume of this 30W fiber laser marking device has always been the best in our company.

  • The steel marking machine can be delivered by express delivery, but the freight is relatively high.
  • This metal engraving laser machine can also be shipped by sea. The freight will be more affordable, but the transportation time will be longer.

See which way suits you better.

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