Laser Cleaning Machine For sale: Handheld Laser Rust Removal 1500W

Our handheld laser rust removal adopts a new style of RelFar cleaning head. The cleaning angle is more flexible. We have the laser cleaning machine for sale.

  • Model: LY-C-1500W
  • Laser power: Raycus 1500W
  • Cleaning Head: RelFar WH20-C20A
  • Water Chiller: Hanli 2000W
  • Voltage: 220V single phase

Details Of Laser Cleaning Machine For Sale

laser cleaning machine for sale

Now, we have the best laser cleaning machine for sale. It uses a Raycus 1500w laser source.
The cleaning effects are good, and the cleaning angle is flexible.

This is a multi-function handheld laser rust removal machine.

We also have other laser source options available:

laser cleaning machine for sale with water chiller

The function of the chiller is to cool down the laser and cleaning head during the cleaning process.

  • The water chiller is equipped with a display screen that can show the temperature of the water in real time.
  • There is also a water level gauge to observe the water location easily.

This fiber laser cleaning machine uses Teyu S&A RMFL-2000W.
We also have a good quality water chiller: HANLI brand.

laser welding machine for sale with RelFar head

This is a new RelFar handheld cleaning head. In the past, the cleaning material required 120 degrees of rotation, but now it only needs to be rotated 90 degrees to clean the same area easily.

The max cleaning range is: 400mm


Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine Samples

This is a cleaning sample of our laser rust cleaning machine. It is very flexible and has very good cleaning effect. Operators only need to keep a certain distance to operate, which is very safe and convenient. This is of great significance for some special applications, such as rust removal of nuclear reactor condensation tubes.

rust cleaning laser on metal parts

Weld Seam Cleaning

metal rust remover machine on iron

Paint stripping by washing machine

laser surface cleaning machine on metal parts

Gear Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Machine For Sale Summary

This is our best laser cleaning machine for sale, each laser source of the handheld laser rust removal machine will be tested for 24 hours. Troubleshooting all faults and minor problems. Ensure you will receive a perfect rust remover machine.

If you want a suitable handheld laser cleaner, please contact us and we will provide you with the best rust remover machine solution.

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