JPT MOPA Laser Engraver Color Laser Marking Machine

JPT MOPA laser is a colorful marking machine. It can create more than 60 kinds of colors on metal. Signs are permanently valid. See below the Mopa laser info.

  • LY-30W M7
  • Laser Source: JPT 30W M7 MOPA
  • Marking size: 175*175mm (best size for colorful marks)
  • Split Model
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • Double red pointer + LED lamp + 100 pcs testing plate

JPT MOPA Laser Features

JPT fiber laser engraver description

This is an excellent JPT MOPA laser marking machine.
The laser source is JPT 30W M7 MOPA (20W M7 optional).

JPT also has a 60W MOPA M7, suitable for deep carving and colorful marking.

If you only need surface color marking, 20W and 30W color laser engraver are recommended.


The Laser Generator model of this laser machine: YDFLP-E-30-M7-S-R

  • M2<1.4
  • Maximum Pulse Energy: 0.8MJ
  • Pulse Repetition Rate Range: 1 ~ 4000kHz
  • Pulse Duration: 2 ~ 350NS
  • Output Beam Diameter: 7±0.5
4000kHz frequency and 350ns pulse width. This is the reason why this laser equipment can print more than 60 colors.
jpt mopa fiber laser head
JPT fiber laser with double red pointer

Each of our fiber laser machines will come with a dual red light locator.

Easy to find the focus. You can also preview the engraving area for easy fine-tuning.

pls note: Our field mirrors are all currently upgraded to SINO 1001 (SINO 7110 / 2206 optional).

It has the most precise marking area.

jpt mopa laser view of back
best mopa fiber laser control cabinet
  • Each jack is labeled with its name.
  • The control cabinet of the laser engraving machine is a push-pull design. It is convenient for you to carry out inspections or daily maintenance.
30w mopa fiber laser

MOPA Laser Marking Machine Upgradable Parts

This fiber laser engraver also can upgrade the upright height to 800mm.

Then, it can process bigger and thicker materials.

Color Laser Engraver Samples

MOPA laser engraving in 16 colors
laser marking machine colorful engraving on stainless steel
JPT MOPA engrave a penguin on stainless steel

JPT MOPA Laser Summary

After reading the above JPT MOPA laser marking machine description, I believe you have a deep impression of our color laser engraver.

We support free sample marking. If you have a color pattern you want to test, please send it to us, and we will mark it and send it out for you.

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