JPT Fiber Laser 60W Deep Laser Engraving Metal Machine For Sale

This JPT fiber laser 60W m7 is mainly used for deep engraving on metal.  For example, on rings and guns. It also can do color marking and thin metal cutting.

  • Model: LY-60W M7
  • Laser source: JPT 60W MOPA M7
  • Marking size: 175*175mm
  • SINO 1001 Galvanometer & filed lens
  • EZCAD 2.14.10 software
  • Split Type

JPT Fiber Laser Features

Deep laser engraving machine

Structure Of JPT Fiber Marking Laser

This is our JPT fiber laser, suitable for deep laser engraving metal.
The structure of the whole fiber marking laser is very simple.

  • Control cabinet: A JPT 60W laser source, three switching power supplies.
  • The Workbench part.

We also have Raycus 50W 60W 80W optional.

You can select based on your needs.

  • The laser fiber marking machine is equipped with a dual red light, which makes it very convenient to find the optimal focal length height.
  • It can also display the location of the content that needs to be engraved and simulate engraving.
  • The column height of the metal engraving laser machine is a standard 500mm, which can meet the engraving needs of most workpieces.
JPT FIBER laser 50W 60W
JPT fiber laser with double red pointer
jpt fiber laser egraver with 500mm upright
JPT 60W fiber laser control cabinet

Control Cabinet Of Metal Engraving Laser Machine

The  chassis of stainless steel etching machine has a push-pull design.

It lets you easily pull out the accessories inside the control box.

Easy to do access or routine maintenance.

Upgradable Parts Of 60W Industrial Laser Engraving Machine

deep laser engraving metal with position cover

We can add a positioning cover on the laser labeling machine. (the position cover is for a 110mm lens)

Made into a handheld model, it can do mobile marking.

Feel free to hit in any position you want.

fiber optic laser engraving machine white color

This fiber engraver raises the column’s height to 800mm to mark slightly larger materials.

Made two positioning covers for 110mm and 200mm. 

Samples Of Deep Laser Engraving Metal

deep engraving sample offiber optic laser engraving machine
deep metal laser engraving
deep laser engraving metal sample

Package Of Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

The USB flash drive of the laser steel engraving machine includes the software, user manual, operating video, and driver.

accessories of JPT fiber laser

1*USB line
1*Foot pedal
1*100 pcs testing plate
1* voltage tester
1*USB flash drive
1*data line
1*Rotary axis (optional parts)

jpt fiber laser package case

Standard plywood case package for export.

Ensure the metal marking machine is safe during delivery.

JPT Fiber Laser Summary

These are the details and functions of this JPT fiber laser. We support free marking samples and have this metal laser marker in stock now. If you want to do a test, you are welcome to send us samples, and we will test for you.

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