Handheld Laser Welder Metal Laser Welding Machine

The handheld Laser Welder is our core technology product. Replaces traditional welding methods and achieves high-quality metal laser welding effects.

Our fiber laser welding machines are mainly used in molds, metal products, ships, automobiles, medical equipment, sheet metal/spray metal, etc.

  • Model: LY-1500W
  • Laser power: Maxphonics 1500W
  • Welding mode: Single Wobble
  • Chaoqiang welding head: SUP20S
  • Cooling system: Teyu S&A RMFL-1500W
  • 220V/380V



Handheld Laser Welder Features

This is our most cost-effective handheld laser welder. Single wobble method, professionally used for welding. The lazer welding machine structure is very simple, and the most important accessory is the laser source.

handheld laser welder inside

We use a 1500W maxphonics laser source for this laser welder, and the price is excellent. Below is the 1500W power welding ability:

  • Steel: 3mm
  • Aluminum: 2-2.5mm

We also have other laser source brands to choose from:

  • Raycus is the most famous brand with reliable quality.
  • RECI has the best after-sales service, with service centers worldwide. If there is a problem during the warranty period, you can directly replace it with a new one locally, saving time and worry.
  • JPT also famous brand

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handheld laser welder SUP20S
handheld laser welder gun
handheld laser welder head
handheld laser welder with 8 welding nozzles
handheld laser welder gun Detail annotation

Lazer Welding Machine Head & Software

This machine welding head and software is CHAOQIANG brand, the SUPS20S model. They are professionally used for welding, with stable performance, good laser beam quality, and perfect welding effect.
We also have other partners:

  • RelFar 
  • Qilin
  • Au3tech

These brands’ quality is good, and Ruifar is the most famous one.

Before delivery, we will do a 24-hour quality inspection in the factory to ensure that every part of our metal laser welding machine runs perfectly.

metal laser welding machine water chiller S&A
hanli water chiller for laser welding machine

Water Chiller For Fiber Laser Welder

This fiber laser welder uses a S&A water chiller, the model is: RMFL-1500W.
We also have HANLI water chiller optional.The cooling effects are all very good.

There are also the latest air-cooled chillers.

laser welder wire feeder

Wire Feeder For Hand Held Welding Machine

The wire feeder is necessary for the handheld laser welder and has many different diameter nozzles for your selection.
This fiber welder has 1500W laser power, is suitable for welding thin metal, and a single wire feeder of 2mm is sufficient.

We also have a double wire feeder suitable for laser power over 2000W. If the laser source of the laser welders is over 2000W, then they are usually used for welding thick metal. So a double wire feeder is needed to weld the metal firmly.

Gas Requirements For Welding Machine

  • Argon: purity 99.99%, required air pressure not less than 1map
  • Nitrogen: purity 99.99%, required air pressure not less than 1map

Fiber Laser Welder Power Supply Requirement​

We recommend the use of an independent power supply. Prevent the hand held welding machine from malfunctioning due to current and voltage fluctuations caused by other electrical equipment.

  • The distance between the left and right sides of the metal laser welder and the workshop wall should be more than 1.5 meters.
  • The distance between the back of the laserwelding and the workshop wall should be more than 1.5 meters.

Metal Laser Welder Machine Scalable Component

About the laser power, we also have 2000W and 3000W optional.
We also have a 3-in-1 function hand laser welder that can do metal welding, marking, and cleaning, multi-function, and at a reasonable price.

We have a portable laser welder that integrates the machine cover and chiller. The advantage is that it reduces the machine’s footprint and is easy to move.
Since the chiller supplier makes the machine casing, the mini model still has a very good cooling effect.
If you need a portable model, we can assemble this laser welding system for you, too.

Handheld Laser Welding Machine Sample Show

The fiber optic continuous welding machine laser welds the workpiece firmly. There will be no problems with cracks and pores in the welding joint. Welding on the faucet will not cause leakage, breakage, etc. Stable performance and low failure rate.

lazer welding machine on iron
1500w fiber laser welding machine work on stainless steel
lazer welders work on round ball
laser welding on round metal part

Hand Held Laser Welding Machine Package & Accessories

8*Laser welding nozzles
1*Wire feeder machine(includes 4pcs diameter nozzles)
10*protective lenses
1*Wrench set

Handheld laser welder accessories
metal laser welding machine plywood package
handheld laser welding machine package

Handheld Laser Welder Summary

The above are the details of our handheld laser welder. The power of this laser welder portable machine is 1500W. We also have 2000W and 3000W to choose from. This is determined according to your materials. If you’re not sure how much wattage you need, you can contact us to help you find the most suitable configuration.

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