Flying Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer For Mass Production

The flying Laser marking machines are designed for mass production. It is fast, effective, and 24 hours of continuous work. Support docking pipeline.

  • Model: LYF-20W
  • Laser source: Raycus 20W QE
  • Filed lens: 110*110mm
  • Nuoya NV100 flying control system
  • Lifting Height: 1200mm
  • 110V / 220V single phase

Flying Laser Marking Machine Features

flying laser marking machine description

This flying laser marking machine is specially used for mass production.

The laser generator is a 20W raycus QE. This power is suitable for marking small areas within 110*110. If you need to mark a slightly larger area, you can choose a higher wattage.

We also have JPT brand laser source to choose from.

flying Laser marking machine control system
flying Laser marking machine with rotate head

The metal etching machine uses the Nuoya NV100 touchscreen operating system. Encoder included.

Specify speed/encoder detection speed flight marking, high-speed flight variable marking.

The lifting height of the whole fiber laser engraving machine is 1200mm.

The marking head can be tilted 120 degrees and is compatible with marking different products.

converyor belt of fly laser marker
flying Laser marking machine conveyor belt

This is the conveyor belt we equip for our customers, which can easily adjust the conveyor belt speed.

You can also use your conveyor belt.

China Flying Fiber Laser Samples

flying laser marking machine engrave on paper

Flying Laser Marking Machine Samples

This is a very practical flying laser marking machine at a very reasonable price.
We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of laser marking systems. We have our factory and can provide complete industrial laser engraver and subsequent technical support. This ensures you can confidently use our galvo fiber laser before, during, and after-sales.

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