Fiber Laser Engraver For Stainless Steel 50W

This 50W fiber laser engraver is our new style design. The enclosure inside has more space and supports high-power laser sources, such as 60W, 100W, and 200W.

  • Model: LY-T-50W
  • Laser source: 50W Raycus QB
  • Double red pointer to find the best focal height
  • Rotary axis + plate support (for metal deep engraving/cutting)
  • LED lamp + 100 pcs testing plate

Fiber Laser Engraver Features

Fiber laser engraver parts description
  • This fiber laser engraver is our latest designed new casing for stainless steel.
  • The internal space of the deep laser engraving metal case is large and resistant to electromagnetic interference.
  • Stronger structural stability

If you sell locally, we can customize your LOGO to help develop your brand.

The laser steel engraving machine is a 50W raycus QB, suitable for surface engraving, deep engraving, and cutting.

We also have a JPT brand to choose from.

laser marking machine with double red pointer
JPT fiber laser with double red pointer

The metal marking machines has an external red light locator that makes it easy to find the focal point.

It can accurately locate the engraving position and perform simulated engraving.

The metal laser marker has a field lens size of 110 mm. It also supports other larger filed lenses, such as 200 mm.

galvo fiber laser with rotary axis
fiber laser etching machine with plate support
stainless steel engraving machine four buttons

The rotary axis diameter is 50mm, mainly for rings inside & outside marks.

Plate support can fix the plate very tight. Make sure the metal plate won’t move during engraving or cutting.

There are four buttons on the panel.

  • Emergency stop button
  • laser source switch
  • Galvanometer button
  • PC button

Upgradable Parts Of Fiber Engraver

table laser marking machine_jpg

We also have a red color case laser etcher metal machine available. The price is the same.

50 watt fiber laser with aluminum table

This is also a customized enclosure for the customer.

The whole 50w laser engraving table is an aviation aluminum platform. Very wear-resistant.

Sample Of 50W Fiber Laser

50W fiber laser marking machine engrave tiny words
laser engraving on stainless steel
50W fiber laser engraver doing deep engraving

Accessories Of Laser Engraver For Stainless Steel

fiber laser engraver with accessories

Our Accessory will equip the marking laser machine with all the materials it needs.
The USB flash drive contains the software and drivers. After receiving the lazer machines just install the driver on your computer.

laser engraver for stainless steel package case

The laser equipment packaging box is made of export-specific plywood.
Whether it is the inside or outside of the laser engraver machines, we pack it very carefully to ensure that the 50w fiber laser will not be damaged in any way during transportation.

Fiber Laser Engraver Summary

This is our new style case 50W fiber laser engraver for stainless steel. We have our factory and can customize the details according to your material. It can also be docked to your production line.

If you like this laser marking machine for metal too, please get in touch with us.

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