Dot Pin Marking Machine Benchtop Peen Machine 200*90mm

Benchtop Dot Pin Marking Machine, marking size 200*90mm. A multi-purpose peen machine. Specialized for marking on small cylinder metal parts and metal plates.

  • Working area: 200*90mm
  • Rotary axis diameter 80mm (150mm diameter optional)
  • Cast iron table and upright
  • Air compressor needed

Dot Pin Marking Machine Features

Dot Pin Marking Machine

This is a desktop dot pin marking machine with the whole machine weighing in at 50 kg.

This benchtop dot peen marking machine is suitable for marking small parts and cylindrical materials, such as bearings, pipes, and oxygen cylinders.

We also have suitable software and control boxes to print customized fonts.


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Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Machine Useful parts

rotary axis for dot pin marking machine

The column height of the dot pin machine is 800mm, and the standard rotation axis is 80mm.

We can also make 120mm and 150mm diameters, which need to be determined according to your material.

The rotary axis can be used to mark round materials. You can adjust the angle of the rotary axis to find your ideal marking position.

dot pin marking machine nameplate support

We match the portable dot peen machine with a bracket, which is specially used to fix the nameplate.
Multifunction pneumatic marking machine.

Dot Peen Engraver Application

Benchtop dot peen marking machine write small words

It can engrave on very small cylindrical materials

benchtop peen machine marking on Oxygen cylinder

Oxygen cylinder engraving

peen machine engrave on small cylindrical workpieces

Marking of small cylindrical workpieces

Dot Pin Marking Machine Summary

This is our multifunctional dot pin marking machine. We have our factory and can customize suitable dot peen engraver and accessories completely according to your needs.

We have our mould machine and can customize and process many special-shaped accessories. You will always find the marking dot machine that suits you best in our factory.

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