Dot Peen Engraver Electric for nameplate 140*110mm

This dot peen engraver is specially used to mark the nameplate. Electric working mode, no need to connect the air compressor. Small size and portable.

It is easy to use. After powering on, you only need to set the marking parameters in the software to start working. In addition to the nameplate, it is also suitable for marking other soft metals.

  • Marking size:140*110mm
  • Marking needles:2 pcs
  • Engraving speed:5-100 characters/min
  • 110V/220V

Dot Peen Engraver Features

Dot Peen Engraver

This is a specially designed dot peen engraver for customers who only need to mark nameplates.

The working size of the pin marking machine is 140*110mm, which is completely enough for marking the nameplate.

The peen marking machine works with low sound and fast speed. Can work continuously.

Electric working mode, no air compressor is required, and very easy to operate.

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Portable Metal Marking Machine sample

Nameplate marking font is clear, marking speed is fast.

dot peen engraver on nameplate

Two platens, a suction stone, could suck the nameplate very firmly to ensure stability.

This video shows how the machine works.

Our Dot Engraving Machine Workshop

different types dot pin machine

Besides nameplate engraving pin marking machine, we have other types of pneumatic marking machines for marking metal parts.

You can always find a suitable dot peen marking systems in our factory.

Dot Peen Engraver Summary

Is this nameplate dot peen engraver suitable for you? Tell us your job, and we’ll recommend the best dot peen engraving machine for you.

Suitable is the best.

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