Desktop Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal Raycus 50W Autofocus For Sale

This is our mini safety cover desktop fiber laser engraver for metal with autofocus. This machine uses a 50W raycus. It is suitable for metal and jewelry engraving.

  • Model: LY-50W
  • Laser Source: 50W Raycus QB
  • SINO AF7106 Autofocus device
  • Mini Safty Cover
  • Marking size: 110*110mm
  • Rotary axis for rings inside and outside carving
  • 2D working table
  • EZCAD 2.14.10

Desktop Fiber Laser Features

desktop fiber laser engraver details

This desktop fiber laser is compact, exquisite, safe, and easy to operate.

This galvo laser engraver uses a 50W Raycus QB.

This case supports the installation of a 100W laser source.

We also have JPT 50W, 60W, and 100W to choose from.

raycus 50W laser source

Here are the parameters of the Raycus 50W QB laser source.

  • M²:<1.6
  • Pulse Width Range(ns):120-150
  • Repetition frequency: (kHz): 50-100
  • Output power instability: <3%
Autofocus for laser engraver for metal
desktop fiber laser head

The portable laser engraving machine for metal is equipped with a SINO AF7106 autofocus device.

It has high focusing accuracy and is convenient and easy to use.

The best fiber laser engraver is an electric lifting column. You can also control the lifting and lowing by a knob.

deep laser marking machine with rotary axis
fiber laser marking machine with 2D table
  • 50mm rotary axis: marks the inside and outside of the ring.
  • 2D workbench: more suitable for detailed engraving.
switch of fiber laser engraver
bottons of fiber laser

The fiber marking machine has five buttons

  • Autofocus button
  • Emergency stop button
  • Potentiometer switch
  • Laser source switch
  • Knob (lift control by turning the knob manually if necessary)

Laser Engraver For Metal Sample

desktop fiber laser engrave on round aluminum
laser engraver mark on ring inside
desktop laser engraver mark on necklace

Fiber Laser Engraver Accessories

accessories of desktop fiber laser

We will carefully prepare the galvo laser machine with all the required accessories.

package of desktop fiber laser

Sturdy plywood packaging.
The laser marking equipment is medium in size and can be transported by express delivery or by sea.

  • Package Size: 600*810*890mm
  • Package Weight: 98kg

Desktop Fiber Laser Summary

Those are the details of this desktop fiber laser. The engraving systems uses a 50W laser. The internal structure of the 50w fiber laser engraver is the same, but the casings are different. 

Some industrial engraving machine can only hold a maximum of 20W lasers, and some can hold a maximum of 100W. You can choose this according to your preferences, and the functions of the laser marking systems are the same.

If you are interested in this laser labeling machine, please inquire.

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