50w JPT Fiber Laser: Enclosed Laser Marking Machine

This is our enclosed 50W JPT fiber laser. This laser marking machine is mainly used for surface engraving and deep engraving. It also can do thin metal cutting.

  • Model: LY-50W
  • Laser Source: 50W JPT LP
  • Marking size: 150*150mm
  • Enclosed safety cover
  • Electric Lifting
  • Rotary axis diameter 80mm
  • Double red pointer

50W JPT Fiber Laser Features

50W JPT fiber laser mark notes

This is a 50W JPT fiber laser with a large wraparound protective case put on. While the enclosed laser marking machine runs, you can close the door and look inside through the see-through window.

The laser equipment laser source is a JPT 50W LP.
We also have Raycus available.


The laser source of the fiber laser engraver is : YDFLP-E-50-LP-L-R

The following is the parameter information.

  • M² <1.8
  • Nominal Average Output Power>50W
  • Maximum Pulse Energy: 1.25MJ
  • Pulse Repetition Rate Range: 1-600kHz
  • Pulse Duration: 200ns
50W fiber laser buttons
enclosed laser marking machine inside

The laser printing machine comes with three switches and a knob:

  • Emergency stop button
  • Galvanometer switch
    Laser source switch
  • Knob (the machine is electric lifting. You can control the up and down movement of the laser head by turning the knob)
JPT laser machine control cabinet
laser marking machine jacks

The 50w fiber laser control cabinet contains the following parts:

  • A JPT laser source
  • Three switching power supplies
  • A rotary shaft drive
  • A motor controls the lifting and lowering of the laser head.
  • PC hosting

There are two jacks on the back of the cover: the rotating shaft and the main power jack.

double red pointer of 50W JPT fiber laser
white color JPT fiber laser

We also have a white color metal etching machine with the same price and structure.

The machine also uses a dual red light pointer design, which can quickly and conveniently focus accurately.

50W JPT laser Samples

laser marking machine do deep engrave
JPT laser enrgave on stainless steel
fiber marker engrave on plastic

Accessories Of Enclosed Laser Marking Machine

accessories of 50W JPT fiber laser

Along with the laser marking systems comes the following accessories:
1*Foot pedal
1*Rotary axis
1*USB flash drive (including user manual+driver+software+video and etc)
1* rotary axis
2* position bars
some screws

50W JPT fiber laser package

This industrial laser engraver is packed very large, only suitable for shipping by sea, plywood professional transportation packing box.

  • Package size:1210*860*1800mm
  • Package weight: 200KG

50W JPT Fiber Laser Summary

That’s all the information about our 50w JPT fiber laser with an enclosed cover. Compared with ordinary galvo fiber laser, this enclosed laser marking machine has a fully safe shell and an electric lift.
The galvo laser engraver has a large internal space and supports the installation of 60W, 80W, 100W, and 200W laser sources.
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