50W Fiber Laser Marking Machine With Auto Focus Device For Sale

This is our best-selling 50W fiber laser marking machine. We added an autofocus device to it for precise focus adjustment automatically. Eliminate manual work.

  • Model: LY-A-50W
  • Laser Source: Raycus 50W (JPT 50W Optional)
  • SINO AF2206 Autofocus device
  • Marking size: 150*150mm
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V/220V

50W Fiber Laser Features

laser marking machine china_jpg

Structure Of Laser Marking Systems

This is our autofocus 50W fiber laser that is very easy to operate.
This fiber marking laser structure is very simple:

  • Portable and compact split body
  • Autofocus device

The fiber laser marking uses 50W Raycus, and we also have 50W JPT as an option.
If you need to improve efficiency, this industrial laser engraver can also be equipped with a 100W laser to achieve rapid engraving.

Parts Introduction Of Laser Fiber Marking

laser marking machine with AF2206

This metal laser marker uses the SINO AF2206 autofocus device, the most accurate one on the market.

Accurate focus can be achieved on any material, but some other brand autofocus devices have difficulty identifying materials of different colors, resulting in focus errors.

We also installed two extra external red lights as spares for this laser labeling machine.

fiber laser engraver with motors

Here, the handle is replaced by a motor.

The galvo laser engraver uses this motor to move the laser head up and down.

50W fiber laser with auto focus

There are three buttons on the top of the galvo fiber laser, namely:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Auto

We will adjust the focal length to the best before shipping. This area basically does not need to be adjusted when you receive the 50 watt fiber laser.

back view of laser etching machine

On the back of the galvo laser machine, we have labeled each jack with a name to facilitate your better identification.

We will do every detail carefully on each of our metal etching machine.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Samples

laser marking machine engrave on iron with autofocus
laser engraving on stainless steel
50W fiber laser engrave nameplate

50W Fiber Laser Summary

This is our exceptional autofocus 50W fiber laser. The focus of this laser marking machine for metal is not suitable for small objects such as rings because the overall material is too small, and it is difficult for the laser marking systems to distinguish. A slightly larger material is best.
If this galvo fiber laser is suitable for your job, get in touch.

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