3D Laser Marking Machine Dynamic marking 50W

This 50W 3D laser marking machine is specially used to mark slope surfaces, 3D relief, and deep carving. The dynamic marking range is 80mm.

  • Model: LY-3D-50W
  • Laser Source: 50W Raycus QB
  • Marking size: 150*150mm (X, Y axis)
  • Z-axis Dynamic Focal Height: 80mm
  • FEELTEK 3D Dynamic Marking Head + Software
  • Voltage: 110V / 220V

3D Laser Marking Machine Features

Advantages of 3D laser marking machine.
1. Variable focal length to achieve three-dimensional marking
2. More suitable for deep carving
3. Larger range and more refined light effects
4. On the same plane, you can achieve black and white marking, or even multi-color marking, with richer effects.

3D laser machine work

Here are a few processing types of 3D dynamic laser marker:

  • Conical surface
  • High and low surface
  • Spherical
  • Curved surface
  • And etc
We can send you the 3D software manual for reference if you want more details about the marking laser machine features.
3D laser marking machine description

This laser equipment adds a dynamic axis in the Z-axis direction compared to ordinary devices.

It is guaranteed to maintain the best power within the range of 80mm. 

The Control software is 3D-Lens-mark software. It is a professional 3D software. In addition to basic picture formats, it also supports STL format.

Suitable for brass, carbon steel, die steel, stainless steel, silicon carbide and other metals, we can provide test video and parameter guidance.

3D laser marker with FEELTEK head
3D laser machine FEELTEK protect cover

The galvanometer and the dynamic axis of the laser engraver are tightly connected using a signal cable.

The dynamic axis is fully coordinated with the X and Y axis, and the sealing layer focus compensation is completed in microseconds, making it more efficient.

The fiber laser engraver comes with a protective cover. You can cover it in time to better protect the lens when not in use.

CK 3D laser marking machine

We also have a CK 3D dynamic marker. The brand is CK.

The price is very good, the operation is similar to FEELTEK.

2.5D EZCAD 3 control card

If your budget is limited, you can also choose the 2.5D function laser engraver for metal.

The appearance of the 2.5D laser printing machine is the same as an ordinary model. It’s just changed the control software into EZCAD3. It is easy to operate and has good relief effects.

If you want to see more samples and videos, please get in touch with us.

Samples Of 3D Dynmaic Marking Machine

3D laser marking machine doing relief
3D laser machine deep engrave on stainless steel
3D laser machine doing deep carving on a sloping surface
3D laser marker engrave on curve surface

3D Laser Marking Machine Summary

The above is a detailed explanation of the applications and functions of our 3D laser marking machine. If you are unsure whether your work requires a 3D dynamic machine, please get in touch with us, and we will give you the most suitable solution based on your materials. We will help you find the most suitable lazer machine.

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