200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine (300W 500W Optional) For Sale

The 200W pulse laser cleaning machine is designed as a trolley case. It is easy to move and suitable for ultra-fine marking without damaging the material.

  • Model: LYP-200W
  • Laser Source: Maxphonics 200W (JPT Optional)
  • Cleaning Area: 145*145mm
  • Fiber Wire Length: 3 meters
  • Control System: ZBTK
  • Air Cooling system
  • 220V Single Phase

200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine Features

trolley case laser cleaning machine

Our trolley box 200W pulse laser cleaning machine is very convenient, small, and unrestricted.

The cleaning effect is excellent, and it is an efficient pulse laser rust removal.

Machine size: 610*430*970mm
Weight: 60kg

The laser source is maxphonics 200W; we also have JPT 100W, 200W, and 300W optional.

If you need a larger cleaning area or much higher precision and enough budget, you can choose our 500W Raycus pulsed laser cleaning machine. This one currently has the best cleaning accuracy on the market.

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pulse laser rust removal cabinet
bracket on pulse laser cleaning

There is a small box at the bottom of the machine for placing optical fiber cables and some necessary gadgets. The length of the cable is 3m. You can use the appropriate size of optical fiber cable according to your needs.

The laser cleaner rust removal has a special bracket to place the laser head.

200W pulse laser cleaning machine head
eight light emission modes of pulse laser rust removal

The laser head and operating system of the laser cleaning system are ZBTK.

Cleaning area: 145*145mm.

The operation of the fiber laser cleaner is very stable, and the light output is also very uniform.

Supports eight light emission modes.

300W Pulse laser cleaning machine

We also have this tabletop one with wheels that can also be easily moved around.

Samples Of Pulse Laser Rust Removal

Samples of pulse laser cleaning machine
  • The left side is the working effect of the pulse cleaning machine.

After cleaning, there will be no damage to the material.

  • The right side is the working effect of an ordinary continuous rust cleaning machine. Suitable for rough machining.

After cleaning, there will be some texture on the surface.

samples of continue laser cleaning machine

200W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine Summary

The above is the detailed structure and function of our 200W pulse laser cleaning machine. This one is very cost-effective.

If you are interested in this pulse laser rust remover, you can contact us. We have a detailed parameter list of this machine for your reference.

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