100W Handheld Engraving Laser Metal Etching Machine Good Price

This is a specially customized handheld engraving laser. This machine is mainly used for deep carving. 100W is also very suitable for metal etching.

  • Model: LYH-100W
  • Laser Source: 100W Raycus
  • Marking Lens:110*110mm
  • Position cover: focal height 160mm
  • Two Electric Magnets
  • EZCAD 2.14.10

Handheld Engraving Laser Feature

handheld laser engraving machine

This handheld engraving laser is designed primarily for deep engraving and etching on metal.

The structure of the handheld engravers is also very simple.

  • One-piece chassis
  • Hand held head
  • Computer and stand

The metal laser marker uses a 100W Raycus laser source for fast and deep engraving.

We also have 100W JPT available as an option.

laser metal etching machine head
  • There is a button on the handle of the laser etching metal machine that can control the laser on and off.
  • The field lens of the laser steel engraving machine is 110mm and is equipped with a positioning cover with a focal length of 160mm.
  • There are two electromagnets installed on the head of the deep laser engraving metal machine, which can firmly attract metal after being powered on.
handheld engraving laser machine view of back
  • We equipped the fiber engraver with a portable touch-operated computer. The use of this fiber marking is relatively clear, so this operation screen is enough to meet this need.
  • The fiber optic cable length of the laser labeling machine is 5m, and it can be freely moved within this range for marking.
  • The stainless steel etching machine is also very convenient to move. It has a handle and wheels. When the stopping position is determined, the wheels of the steel marking machine can be locked.

Samples Of Metal Etching Machine

The following is a sample picture of the deep carving of this 100W laser scribe machine. The result is very good, and the carving speed is very fast.

See More videos on YouTube.

fiber laser engraver for stainless steel
deep laser engraving metal on copper
deep engraving sample offiber optic laser engraving machine

Handheld Engraving Laser Summary

The above is an explanation of the features of this handheld engraving laser. If you also have your own special materials and need to customize the fiber marking laser machine, please feel free to contact us. Customizing industrial laser engraving machine for customers is what we are best at.

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