Portable laser marking machine Engraving For All Metal

A portable laser marking machine is best for small business. It is a small-size fiber laser engraving for metal. Total weight at 17KG-45KG.

Mini size suitable for small workshops. Just one person can carry it easily.

Portable Laser Marking Machine Hotest Model

Based on the different work, we have three models of portable laser marking machine for sale.

  • Integrated Marking Laser Machine
  • Portable 20W portable metal engraver 
  • Portable laser engraving for metal

portable laser marking machine engrave a photo

Integrated Marking Laser Machine

This model is our hottest. This mini fiber laser engraver package size is 760*460*570 mm, machine package weight: is 50kg.
The small size is suitable for air delivery. It takes 8-12 days to receive it.

This affordable fiber laser engraver is quite suitable for small businesses, especially jewelry work. It can do surface engraving on gold and silver, also can cut thin necklaces. The max cutting thickness can be 1.2mm

Except for jewelry work, it also can engrave on all kinds of metals, mark logos, photos, air crafts, etc. This machine would be the best choice.

This marking machine for metal can be equipped with different optional parts based on your work. It supports different watts such as 20W, 30W, 50W 100W. Small size, multi-function, good price. That’s why this metal marking machine can be our best-selling type. 

Small Size Laser Engraving For Metal

This engraving metal machine unique feature is portable, light weight, mini fiber laser total weight: 17KG. Size:, The package weight 20 kg, it can save more air freight costs. The laser source brand is maxphonics.

Because of its special structure, it only supports a 20W maxphonics laser source.

Equipped with a 110mm / 70mm lens, it is suitable for small engraving.

This portable fiber laser engraver max supports a 150mm marking lens. We can also enlarge the upright height based on your work.

This is another model of portable laser marking machine.

It has a handle on the top of the cabinet and weighs 20-25kg.

Our orientation for this machine structure is small, so we only installed a 20W laser source on this type.

This structure also supports 50W, but we don’t recommend it.

Mini Size Fiber Laser

The difference between the two laser equipments are the working table. 

The left one has a movable working table.

The right one has a 2D working table that can move up and down. they can do the same work with different stucture.

Portable Laser Engraving For Metal Application

These laser machinery are portable type, but they can do all industry laser machine work. Check the below link to see more application of this lazer machine.

Portable Laser Marking Machine Summary

These are our best portable laser marking machine. You can select a suitable model based on your work.
If you only need a hobby machine, we recommend the second type.
The first and third models will be suitable if you want to do small business.
If you want deep engraving and thin metal cutting, the first laser Engraving For Metal will be the best choice.
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