PCB Laser Marking JPT UV Galvo Laser 3W 5W

Searching for a PCB laser marking machine? A UV galvo laser is the best choice. Its cold laser beam maintains higher accuracy without damaging circuit boards.

  • Model: LYU-5W
  • Laser Source: JPT 5W UV
  • Marking size:175*175mm
  • SINO Galvanometer & filed lens
  • CW5200 Water Chiller
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V/ 220V single phase

PCB Laser Marking Machine Features

PCB laser marking description

PCB laser marking machine is specially used to mark barcodes, QR codes, characters, graphics, and other information on printed circuit boards.

This UV Galvo laser can also mark on various printing inks such as white, green, black, and red.

It is mainly used for marking PCB circuit boards and FPC soft boards on the surface.

5W JPT UV is a cold light, marking more finely, with better effect, and is very suitable for circuit boards.

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UV laser engraving machine with double red pointer

The back shell of the UV laser machine is of push-pull design, making it convenient for inspection and daily maintenance.

The laser uv marking machine is equipped with dual red light positioning, which can quickly find the best focus position and accurately locate the location that needs to be marked.

UV Galvo laser water chiller
5W JPT UV laser source

The uv laser marking system is equipped with a CW5200 water chiller to cool the laser generator to ensure the laser source’s working effect and service life.

The laser power we use is 5W JPT UV, and we also have 3W and 10W options.

JPT brand, the quality is very stable, and the marking effect is accurate, uniform, and delicate. It is the best UV laser source on the market currently.

UV Galvo Laser Sample

The advantages of jpt uv laser in circuit board marking are irreplaceable.

  • High precision: It can print thin lines below 0.1mm and characters and numbers within 0.5mm on the material’s surface. It is suitable for markings such as circuit boards that require extremely small graphics and text.
  • High quality: The uv laser etching can achieve permanent and clear marking of the chip, and the mark will not fade due to external factors such as high and low temperatures, acidity and alkali, friction, etc.
  • Safety and environmental protection: Only a tiny amount of gas is produced and discharged through the exhaust without chemical assistance. It can protect the safety of operators and the working environment as much as possible.

We also have a flying marking uv laser engraving machine that can match your production line.

pcb laser marking on circuit board
5W JPT UV engrave on PCB board

The uv galvo laser can also do the materials: Glass, plastic, wood, jade, crystal etc.

UV laser engraving machine carving on glass
uv laser engraver carving on stone
PCB laser marking QRcode

PCB Laser Marking Machine Summary

I hope this article about UV laser engraver can help you better understand the function.

Some manufacturers will recommend fiber laser, but for PCB boards, Sometimes items require marking with green ink, while other times they require plastic parts. Only UV galvo laser can ensure that high-precision marking can be maintained regardless of the material.

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