Laser Marking Machine Optional and upgradable Parts

We are a laser marking machine China supplier. Below are our affordable laser marking machine optional and upgradable parts:

Laser Source

We have three brands to choose from:

  • Raycus

This is the most famous and used by the largest number of customers

  • JPT

The best quality, its frequency adjustable range is the widest. For example, with 50W power, the maximum frequency of Raycus is 100khz, and the maximum frequency of JPT is 600khz. The maximum frequency range of the JPT MOPA series is 4000khz

  • Maxphonics

The one with the highest cost performance and strong practicality. Many customers specify to buy this brand.

Extra workbench

  • 2D working table, it can move left and right. It will help you adjust very well to a small change.

  • The 3D working table can move in various directions, including up and down, right and left, and front and back. The feature of multi-directional adjustment ensures high precision.

Upgradable Parts

  • 3D dynamic Galvanometer: This technology is suitable for creating 3D reliefs, carving on curved surfaces, marking on materials with slopes and creating dynamic marks on round objects. If you have a limited budget, you can choose a 2.5D function, which also has amazing effects.

  • SINO Autofocus device can find the best focal height automatically, improve working efficiency, and perform well.

  • 500mm upright and 800mm upright.

If you are working with thicker materials, the 800mm upright is a better choice as it provides more focal height for larger items.


  • Goggles, Designed to resist 1064nm/10.64μm/355nm light (We will provide goggles that are suitable for the laser source of your machine.)

  • LED lamp: A very strong light beam can help you to see the details more clearly and improve performance.

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