Laser Marking Machine Price List

Are you searching for the laser marking machine price? As we all know, the marking machine price is determined by its configuration. And your work decides the machine’s configuration. Now, let’s find out how to choose a suitable engraving systems for your job and the approximate cost of different configurations.

Laser Marking Machine Price Of Three Different Types

The main component of the marking machine is the laser generator. It is also the primary determinant of the laser marking machine price. There are three different wavelengths of the laser generator. So, we have the following three types of marking machines to choose from.

Next, we will introduce the laser printing machine configuration and different functions one by one.

different laser marking machine price with different sample effects

Fiber Galvo Laser Machine Price

The wavelength of the Galvo fiber laser engraver for metal is 1064nm. This laser marking device can engrave all metals, some plastic, leather, and paper. Most customers use this laser printing machine for metal.
Here are our three styles of best-selling best fiber laser engravers.

Portable Laser Marking Machine

This desktop fiber laser is our hottest model. Equipped with different parts, this portable metal engraver price scope is: 1100$-4500$

Split Laser Making Machines

Galvo fiber laser, also called laser etching machine.

This fiber laser etching machine value scope: 1200$-5800$

Table Type Laser Marker

This galvo laser engraver includes the PC. This laser coding machine cost is: 1500-6200$

  • If you are a goldsmith and want to mark jewelry and cut thin gold and silver materials. Recommend 50W fiber laser (a powerful laser beam)+rotary axis(for rings and bracelet inside & outside mark)+plate support (for deep laser engraving metal). This laser etching metal machine price is around 2000$
  • If you are in the hardware industry or instruments, You want to mark the Logo, number, or QR code, and the necessary working area is within 110mm. Then, a 20W fiber laser is enough to meet your needs. If the area is large, you need a 30W fiber laser or 50 watts fiber laser (it needs more power to cover the big marking area).
  • If you want to mark a 1500mm long area, we can customize a sliding table of the laser marking equipment to achieve large area marking easily
We have our own factory. We can customize the shape of the fiber laser engraving machine and configuration based on your work. Also, we can design renderings to ensure that you have the most suitable metal etching machine configuration for your work.

Galvo CO2 Laser Price

The laser wavelength of the laser co2 galvo machine is 10.64μm. We mainly use this laser engraver for plastic and other non-metal materials engraving.

Portable CO2 Galvo Machine

Portable laser marker has smaller size, it can delivery by plane with good price.

Price around: 1500$-3900$

Split CO2 Galvo Laser

This galvo laser machine with SINO RC2808 galvanometer.It can engrave big area with good performance.

This laser printing machine value around 1900$-4200$

Table CO2 Marking Machine

The table type is best for the laser marking industry.

Based on different laser source power, the Galvo machine value scope is: 1700$-5200$

  • Suppose you need to mark 200*200mm photos on acrylic and need detailed marking with a limited budget. Recommend a 35W laser source + SINO 2206 galvanometer. It can easily meet your job at a reasonable price. 
  • If you need to mark on cartons, wooden boards, and other handicrafts and the marking area is large. Then, the 35W laser source with a 300*300mm field lens is very suitable for you. This laser marking machine price is 1900$
  • If you want to mark ceramics, such as marking on the toilet seat. You can choose a suitable ceramic paper and then mark on the material. A 25W/30W CO2 laser power is enough for your work. 

UV Machine Price

The wavelength of the UV laser engraver is 355nm. This laser is mainly used to clearly mark all materials that have adverse reactions to heat. It is especially suitable for marking on food and medical packaging bags and high-precision engraving on glass.

Portable UV Laser Marking

Small size with a water chiller. UV machine cost scope at 2600$-6700$

Split UV Laser Engraver

This uv laser etching cost is: 2700$-6800$


Table UV Laser Engraving

This table type JPT UV laser cost: 2700$-6900$

  • If you want to do mass production marking on packaging bags. A 3W JPT equipped with a flight marking system and automated conveyor will be suitable for you. After setting the interval time and the marking contents, you can start your production. This laser marking machine price around 3800$
  • If you want to make beautiful patterns or decorations on the glass, the 5W JPT UV laser marker with water chiller is a very good choice.

JPT lasers are our first choice for UV laser machines. The water cooling method ensures the UV laser source can be used for a longer time. laser source working stable and good quality. it’s always our best choice.

People Often Ask On Laser Marking Machine Cost

How Accurate Is Laser Marking?

Our laser machines have higher precision.
  • Precision: 0.001mm.
  • Minimum line width: 0.01mm.
  • Minimum height of the characters: 0.2mm.
Before delivery, we will complete quality tests on all our laser machinery. Including precision adjust and parameter setting. You can start your work at once when you receive the lazer machine. Make sure you don’t need to adjust any data.
best laser marking machine price with high precision
laser marking machine price including this USB flash drive

Is Laser Engraving Hard To Learn?

Our galvo laser price is reasonable and easy to learn. Based on your work, you only need to set suitable fiber marking data. A green hand only needs a few hours to create an excellent engraving result. 

Our laser engraver machines have a USB flash drive containing a user manual, operating video, software, and driver. Complete English guide that teaches you step by step. 

The galvo laser engraver Software is EZCAD. You can always find tons of tutorial videos on YouTube. That means You will have many extra study materials to help you become an expert soonest.

Laser Marking Machine Price Summary

After reading the above article, I am sure you already have the first impression of the laser marking machine price. If you have special requirements for laser marking equipment or a limited budget and want the marking unit to finish your job perfectly.
You can contact us for a free industrial laser engraver configuration guide and price quote. We can help you get the best laser marking machine function and configuration.
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