Laser Marking Machine Optional Parts

We are laser marking machine China supplier, below is our affordable laser marking machine optional parts:

laser marking machine China

1, Gold Ring rotary axis,dimeter 50mm, suitable for rings inside & outside mark

2, Rotary axis dimeter 80mm, suitable for tube , it also can engrave on rings and bracelet.

3, Rotary axis dimeter 65mm, mainly for rings & bracelet inside and outside mark.

4, Pen rotary axis, automatically turn. suitable for pen or USB flash driver or small parts mass production.

5, Plate support, it’s mainly for fix plate to do deep engrave or thin metal cutting, won’t easy deformation, confirm the best cutting result.

laser marking machine China

1, Raycus laser source, China famous brand, it’s also the best-selling brand.

2, Maxphonics brand laser source is very cost-effcitive, if you have enough budget,this is the best choice.

3, JPT laser source, it has big adjust rage of frequency, make sure the amazing marking result. it’s also famous for MOPA colorful mark on stainless steel, won’t fade away.

4, 2D working table, for precision engrave, it can move left and right. help you adjust very well in a small rage.

5, 3D working table, it can move up and down, right and left, front and back, Multi direction adjustment to ensure high precision.

laser marking machine China

1, CK 3D dynamic Galvanometer, suitable for 2.5D,3D relief, curve surface,Slope carving,round materials dynamic mark.

2, SINO Auto focus device, it can find the best focal height automatically, improve working effciency, very good performance.

3, 500mm upright & 800mm upright, if your materials has big thickness, you can select the 800mm upright, it has enough focal height to put bigger materials.

4, Goggles, 1064nm, suitable for laser wavelength

5, LED lamp, very strong light beam, help your clear the details performance.

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