Laser Marking Machine Applications

This article explores the CO2, UV, and fiber laser marking machine applications. Providing various samples of our laser markers for better understanding.

You can refer to the following article if you don’t know the differences and prices of the three types of lazer machines — CO2, UV, and Fiber.

Laser Marking Machine Applications Catagories

Below are the different laser marking machine applications samples. Because the wavelengths of marking machine are different, the materials they can mark are also different, which can be divided into three categories: fiber, CO2, and UV.

Fiber Laser Engraver Application

Fiber laser marking machine, with a wavelength of 1064nm, can work on 95% of metals and can also engrave some specific non-metals.

Surface Marking

The most basic function of the metal etching machine is to engrave on metal surfaces. It is fast, accurate and efficient, and there are also many different models to choose from.

stainless steel engraving machine sample
30W fiber laser marking machine on stainless steel
50W fiber laser marking machine engrave tiny words

Deep Engraving

The fiber laser engraving machine can do deep engraving. A 50w fiber laser source is enough. Gun engraving is done by this laser marking systems. You can choose 60W, 80W, or 100W if you have enough budget.

deep metal laser engraving
lazer marking machine deep engrave on metal
50W fiber laser engraver doing deep engraving

Jewelry Engraving

If you are a goldsmith and need to customize marking content on gold, silver, or stainless steel, then this laser engraving jewelry machine performs these functions.

laser marking machine engrave on stainless steel
laser engraver mark on ring inside
Laser Engraving Jewelry Machine for ring marking

Thin Metal Cutting

The laser steel engraving machine can also do cutting, you just need to select the WOBBLE function on the EZCAD2.14.10 software. Suitable for cutting soft and thin metals, the maximum cutting thickness is 1.2mm. Not suitable for cutting stainless steel, iron and other hard metals. If you want to cut thicker, a fiber laser cutting machine is recommended.

portable laser printing machine cut copper
laser marking systems
laser marking machine cutting necklace

MOPA, 3D, And Flying Marking

  • The metal marking machines can be replaced with a MOPA laser source to mark colorful patterns on metal.
  • With 3D software and a galvanometer, you can create 3D effects.
  • An assembly line mass production can be carried out by adding a flying structure.
JPT MOPA engrave a penguin on stainless steel
MOPA Machine →
3D laser marking machine doing relief
3D Marker →
flying laser marking machine engrave on paper
Flying Laser Marker →

Non-metal Engraving

In addition to metal, optical fiber marking machines can also do some non-metals. Multitude of laser marking machine applications.

laser marker enrgave on plastic
fiber laser engrave on leather
fiber marker engrave on plastic

Laser CO2 Galvo Application

CO2 marking machine is mainly used for marking wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, acrylic, rubber, textiles, paper and other non-metallic materials. Generally, 35W and 40W are used more frequently.

If you don’t know much about galvo co2, take a look at below links of our specific explanation of this machine.

laser co2 galvo engrave on wood
galvo co2 engrave on round wood
co2 galvo engrave on acrylic

UV Laser Etching Samples

UV laser engraving machine has a wavelength of 355nm. Metal does not absorb 355nm light well, so theuv laser marker effect on metal materials is not good. It is more suitable for fine marking of some special materials: glass, jade, rubber and plastic products, PCB circuit boards, etc.

You can click the button below to view the details of our uv galvo laser.

UV laser engraving machine carving on glass
UV laser etching on jade stone
PCB laser marking QRcode

Laser Marking Machine Applications Summary

After reading this article about laser marking machine applications, I believe you will have a more comprehensive understanding of galvo machine.

If you have some special materials and are not sure what type of fiber marking to choose, you can send us the sample, and we will test it for you to find the most suitable laser etching device.

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