Laser Fiber Marking Machine: Optic Laser Engraver For All Metal

Laser fiber marking machine is a very widely used optical laser engraver. the wavelength of the fiber optic laser engraver is 1064nm. Metals absorb this wavelength of light best, so they are best suited for processing metals.The laser engraver for metal has many advantage: energy saving; completely air-cooled; long life, no consumables, and maintenance-free.

Laser Fiber Marking Machine Category

The applications of laser fiber marking machine involve all walks of life. Its function is very powerful and can be used for surface engraving, jewellery carving, deep engraving, gun engraving,3D relief, thin metal cutting, metal colour engraving, and mass production etc. It’s the best solution laser engraver for metal.

Below are the standard and customized fiber optic laser engraver of our marking machines series.

laser fiber marking machine engrave tiny words

Portable Marking Machines

These are portable fiber marking lasers that are easy to move around. The fiber engraver cover can be fitted with high-power lasers (50W, 60W,100W) for deep engraving and soft-metal cutting. It can also add some options parts for versatile marking.

Deep Engraving Fiber Laser Engraver

deep laser engraving metal with position cover

The crossbar of the portable laser marker is made in a handheld style.

It is also equipped with a positioning cover to enable mobile marking on large materials. Not limited by direction.

fiber optic laser engraving machine white color

The column of the metal marking machines can be raised to 800 mm, allowing bigger materials on the table and ensuring sufficient focal length.

The picture shows the 200mm and 110mm hand-held positioning hoods.

Table Type Laser Printing Machine

800mm laser engraver for metal

The laser etcher metal machine can raise up to 800mm to become a handheld marking machine, realizing multi-functional effects.

half closed cover 30W laser marking machine

If you’re on a budget and need closed operations, this laser fiber marking machine is for you. Price is very good.

table laser marking machine_jpg

We also have this red case fiber optic laser engraveravailable.

50 watt fiber laser with aluminum table

This laser engraver for metal is a custom enclosure and has an aluminum worktop throughout.

Mopa Fiber Laser Colorful

This mopa fiber laser is designed to mark stainless steel in color. It can also be marked on other metals. About 60+ colors can be created.

  • The laser we use is JPT. There is a 20W, 30W, 60W M7 to choose from.
  • If you only need to mark colors on surfaces, the 20W M7 and 30W M7 are ideal.
  • The 60W M7 is better for deep engraving and cutting, and the colors are not as good as the 20W and 30W.
  • We recommend the 175mm field lens, which has many color templates and produces the best colors.

3D Laser Engraver For Metal

3D Dynamic Focus Marker can realize marking on objects with different curved surfaces and heights. It can automatically adjust the laser focus to achieve accurate marking results.
It is very suitable for relief engraving, curved surface engraving and deep engraving.

CK 3D laser marking machine

CK 3D galvanometer. This is a very cost-effective 3D brand.

Good price also working stable.

2.5D EZCAD 3 control card

If you have a limited budget and want to mark on curved surfaces, we recommend this JCZ 2.5D marking system.

It has the same appearance as a normal marking machine.

It just uses EZCAD3 for the software and board.

Safty Cover Galvo Fiber Laser

These are our two sealing galvo laser machine.

  • Mini safe cover.
    The laser etching device can be placed on a table. The maximum supported field lens is 175mm. Suitable for small businesses.
  • Big safety cover
    Fully surrounded by a large casing and three viewing windows, you can observe the marking situation at any time.

Customrized Galvo Laser Engraver

The maximum field area of the laser fiber marking machine is 300*300mm. The main purpose of this sliding table laser etching equipment is to mark a larger area.

laser etching machine with sliding table

The cnc laser printing machine is equipped with motors and drives in both X and Y directions.

The maximum working area of this fiber optic laser engraver is 500*400mm.

fiber laser for engraving 1500mm

The galvo machine extends the workbench and only installs motors and drives in the X direction.

The working area of the whole galvanometer laser engraver is 1000*300mm, and the maximum size we can do is 1500*300mm.

The flying laser engraver for metal is designed for mass production, and the control system can set the speed and interval of flight. The lifting height of the whole machine is 1200mm.

You can prepare a conveyor belt device yourself. Or you can connect the industrial laser etcher to your production line.

Application Of Fiber Optic Laser Engraver

You can click the button below to see the applications of our laser marking systems. It includes all the working capabilities of the machine. As a reference, you can take a look at what you can create when you own this machine.

Laser Fiber Marking Machine Summary

The above are all the models of our laser fiber marking machine. We also have mini and handheld models, and Please refer to the link.

The machine only takes 2-3 days to complete production, and if it is a customized model, it will take about 7-10 days. Express shipping can be delivered to your home in 8-12 days.

Before the machine is shipped, we will conduct a 24-hour quality inspection of the laser to minimize the machine failure rate and ensure that the machine can run perfectly when you receive it.

If you want to test your pattern, you can send us the file, and we will help you get the best machine for your work.

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