Laser Co2 Galvo Marking Machine

Laser CO2 galvo is mainly for engraving on non-metal materials. This CO2 marking machine is easy to carry and suitable for small crafts engraving.

  • Model: LYC-35W
  • Laser Power: 35W CO2 DAVI
  • SINO galvanometer & filed lens (10-spot)
  • Double Red Pointer to set the focal height easily
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V / 220V single phase

Laser CO2 Galvo Features

laser co2 galvo

This is our very compact laser co2 galvo. 

Machine packaging size: 950*460*580mm

Weight: 45KG

This mco2 marking machine uses a DAVI 35W laser. If you need to make small handicrafts, this co2 galvo is enough to meet your needs.
We also have YONGLI 30W to choose from.

co2 galvo laser engraver head
galvo co2 red pointer

The co2 laser etching is equipped with a double red light to display the position to be marked accurately.
The laser marking co2 is equipped with a SINO 1001 10-light spot galvanometer, which is very cost-effective.

Upgradable Parts Of Co2 Galvo

If you need to engrave photos or some tiny design, you can upgrade to this RC2808 20-spot galvanometer.
The 20-spot lens uses an 8x beam expander. It needs to be paired with a high-focus field lens to mark a larger area and ensure this CO2 galvo laser system has high accuracy and fineness.

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laser co2 galvo upgrade type
co2 galvo RC2808 galvanometer
35w CO2 LASER 8x beam expander

RC2808 8x beam expander

co2 laser etching 4x beam expander

SINO 1001 4X beam expander

CO2 Marking Machine Samples

laser co2 galvo engrave on wood


laser co2 galvo engrave on acrylic


laser co2 galvo engrave on leather


Laser CO2 Galvo Summary

I hope you enjoy the article about the laser co2 galvo. This machine is perfect for small businesses. The CO2 marking machine can be transported by air, and you can receive the goods in 8-10 days at the fastest.

If you want to know more details about this CO2 Galvo, please feel free to contact us.

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