Laser Cleaning Machine Applications

This article is about the laser cleaning machine applications samples and compares the effects with pulse laser cleaning machines.

Laser Cleaning Machine Applications List

Laser cleaning machine applications can be classified into two categories based on their effects.

  • Handheld laser cleaner 

After the cleaning, there will be some marks on the surface, which is suitable for some rough work.

  • Pulsed laser cleaning machine

It is suitable for ultra-fine cleaning, such as moulds. The accuracy can reach 0.01mm without causing any damage to the moulds.

Portable Laser Rust Remover Samples

samples of continue laser cleaning machine

Pulse Laser Cleaning Samples

Samples of pulse laser cleaning machine

Laser Cleaning Machine Applications Summary

Above are our laser cleaning machine applications videos. If you are interested in our laser rust cleaner, please contact us for a quote.

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