Handheld Laser Marking Machine

We develop the handheld laser marking machine based on customer needs. This machine is easy to move and has strong flexibility.

The marking direction does not restrict it. It can be used flexibly, whether marking small objects for arts and crafts or large moulds, such as wheels, iron piles, and other large objects that are inconvenient to move.

Handheld Laser Marking Machine Category

These handheld laser marking machine are our best selling types. They can be fitted with a 20W 30W 50W 100W laser source for surface and deep engraving.

This is our best-selling laser equipment; the whole machine weighs 40-45KG.

  • The weight of the head of this machine is 3kg, which makes it easy to move.

This is our multifunctional split handheld laser etching machine. The height of the column is 800mm.

  • It can process large and thick materials at the workbench.
  • It also has a handheld function for marking large objects.

This is a customized 100W handheld metal etching machine, mainly used for deep marking on metal.

Hand Held Laser Etcher Samples

If you want to see more samples of our laser marking systems, please check out the link.

Handheld Laser Marking Machine Summary

This is the type of handheld laser marking machine we have now.

We have many other industrial laser engraver models available for different jobs.

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