Handheld Dot peen marking machine 80*30mm

Our expertise lies in handheld dot peen marking machine. We offer 10 different dot pin marking machines for different work.Here is our 80*30mm peen machine.

Marking content is permanently valid.

We also have other larger marking areas available.

  • Marking size 80*30mm
  • Marking needles: 2 pcs
  • Marking thickness: ≤1mm
  • Power: 110V/220V

Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine Features

Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machine​

The 8030 is the smallest model of all our handheld dot peen marking machine.

Machine weight about 3KG.

This dot engraving is suitable for marking the frame number and engine number of electric cars and automobiles.

We also have other portable dot peen marker available: 125*30mm, 140*40mm, 160*40mm, 180*90mm.

handheld dot peen marking machine size

The dimensions of the portable pneumatic marking machine are as shown in the picture. Depending on your job, you can see if it will fit in a tight spot.

Dot Peen Engraver Structure

The construction of the dot marking system is very simple and lightweight. it is easy to operate, you only need to connect the air compressor. The marking needle will engrave under the pressure of the air compressor.

handheld dot peen marking machine head

The peen machine head is small and lightweight

handheld dot peen marking machine handle

With two handles.

Easy to grip, good stability when working

handheld dot peen marking machine cabinet

This peen marking machine has lightweight control box, weighs about 1KG. Requires connection to your PC.

Machine operate system is ThroX6

handheld dot peen marking machine magnet

Magnets can suck the metal very tight when energized. 

It can always maintain high precision during processing.

Useful Parts For Dot Peen Machine

There are many different needs in the use of the dot engraving machine. You can target your needs to choose the right upgrade configuration.

X7 software. The best part is that you can design fonts.

Extended Needle. Can directly mark metals with low position.

K2 touch screen. It’s actually an X7 system that allows you to design fonts.

peen machine throX7 interface
dot marking machine needles
handheld dot peen marking machine with longer needle

Dot Peen Machine Application

This handheld dot peen marking machine allows permanent shows on metal.

dot matrix engraving machine

Dot peen data matrix function of the machine

dot peen engraving machine

Peen marking machine can engrave graphics with ease. Support DXF file

portable dot peen marking

Frame number, engine number and other numbers. Various fonts are available

dot peen marker

Engraving cylindrical materials with this dot peen marking systems

Peen Machine Accessories And Packaging

dot peen marking

power cable (of an appliance etc)
Connection Cord
USB Cable
Air Pressure Gauge

pin marking machine plywood package

Special plywood packaging for international exports.

package size: 40*40*45mm

package weight: 24KG

What is the cost of dot peening machine?

Price range for the pneumatic marking machine is : $400-$700

In addition to price, there are other more important factors to consider. Such as the quality and reliability of the machine, the technical support .customer service provided by the manufacturer, and the specific needs and requirements of the application.

In addition, the dot peening process may involve other costs, such as needles, maintenance.

To get an accurate cost of equipment, you can contact us for pricing and get a quote based on your specific requirements.

What is a dot peen machine used for?

Dot peen engraver can be applied to a variety of different materials, including but not limited to the following:

Metal materials: Used for marking metal materials such as steel, aluminium alloys, copper alloys and so on. They can produce deep and long-lasting marks on metal surfaces with high durability and corrosion resistance.

Plastic materials: Applied to mark plastic materials, such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and so on. By adjusting the marking parameters, a clear mark can be produced on the plastic surface.

Is it Easy To Use A Dot Peen Machine?

The dot peen marking machine are relatively easy to use. Here are a few reasons:

  • Simple operation: pneumatic marking machine has an intuitive graphical interface, so that the operator can easily grasp. Adjustment and setting of marking parameters are also relatively simple.
  • Flexibility: The marking machine can adjust the depth, speed and strength to meet the needs of different materials.
  • Efficiency: its marking speed is usually faster, can improve production efficiency.

It should be noted that for the first time use of pneumatic marking machines it is best to refer to and follow the operating manuals and guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper and safe operation of the pneumatic marking machine.

Handheld Dot peen Marking Machine Summary

The above is about the configuration and application of the 8030 handheld dot peen marking machine. If you have other requirements, such as font customization and download or software installation and use, please contact us or get a more detailed answer. For other marking dot machine sizes, please refer to our other models.

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