Galvo CO2 Laser Engraver (CO2 Printing Machine)

This Galvo CO2 is the best laser printing machine for wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, etc. This laser engraver is suitable for both industrial and small businesses.

  • Model: LYC-30WT
  • Laser Source: DAVI 35W
  • Double red pointer
  • SINO 1001 Galvanometer & filed lens
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V / 220V

Galvo CO2 Features

galvo co2

This desktop galvo CO2 is slightly larger and is best shipped by sea. If sent by air, the freight will be higher.

If your workshop has enough space, this desktop co2 galvo laser engraver is suitable. You can choose our all-in-one CO2 laser printing machine if space is limited.

Their internal configurations are the same, but the styles of the co2 laser marking are different.

This co2 marking machine uses a 35W DAVI laser generator, and we also have an optional 30W YONGLI laser source.

Click our YouTube channel to see more videos.

galvo co2 cabinet inside
galvo co2 red pointer

The internal layout of our laser co2 galvo chassis is very neat, and each wire is marked with a wire number, which can facilitate your inspection or future maintenance.

Our accessories will come with a voltage detector, so you can easily measure voltage if you don’t have a voltmeter.

The wood laser printing machine has dual red light positioning, which can quickly help you find the focus. It can also accurately locate the location you want to engrave.

co2 laser printing machine with RC2808
co2 galvo laser engraver 8x filed lens

The standard configuration of our laser co2 galvo is 10-spot.
If you need ultra-fine marking, you can upgrade to our 20-spot RC2808 galvanometer.

30W CO2 LASER engrave on wood

Below are our tests with 20-spot and 10-spot laser marking co2.

The wood marking machine is 30W, with a marking area of 150*150mm. Except for the galvanometer, the other configurations are exactly the same.

CO2 Laser Printing Machine Samples

co2 galvo laser erngaver on wood
galvo co2 laser engrave on wood
co2 galvo engrave on acrylic

co2 galvo laser engraver Accessories & Package

co2 laser etching accessories

This CO2 machine comes with all the necessary accessories.

co2 marking machine package case

Plywood case package.

Package size: 920*760*1100mm 

Package Weight: 140kg

Galvo CO2 Summary

I hope this article about Galvo CO2 will be helpful to you.

If you have files you want to mark, please send them to us, and we use our CO2 Galvo laser engraver to test your file to see the actual marking effect.

If you have any questions about this CO2 printing machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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