Dot Peen Marking Machine – Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine

Dot peen marking machine, also called pneumatic marking machine. It can do permanent marking on various metals. It is widely used on chassis numbers and VIN marking. We have three types of dot pin markers available.

Dot Peen Marking Machine Category

What is Dot peen Marking?  The dot peen marking machine needs to be connected to an air compressor. Adjust the air pressure at 0.3-0.5MPA. Then, the marking needle will be permanently marked on the metal surface. 

Based on the different marking products, we have below three models that can choose from:

  • Portable dot engraving machine
  • Desktop pneumatic marking machine
  • Table type dot pin marking machine
dot peen marking machine carving VIN number

Portable Dot Engraving Machine

We have a total of 6 models of the portable dot engraving machines. Machine weight at 3KG-8KG. Also, it can do deep marking. The maximum depth for engraving is 1mm.

The model of the dot marking machine is its working area. For example, the LY-8030 marking size is 80*30mm.

  • Nameplate Engraving Machine 140*110mm. It has two different types.

The electric model will be the best choice for nameplate engraving if you don’t need to do deep engraving. There is no need to connect the air compressor. Easy and convenient operation. It is the best helper for nameplate engraving.

Integrated Pin Marking Machine​

Integrated design, you don’t need to connect PC, and the touch screen is equivalent to a small computer. You can finish all your operations on the dot peen engraver screen.

Machine head weight 5KG-8KG. There are two differences between the two touch screens.

1, 14040 touch screen: only supports SLG.

2, 16040 touch screen compatible vector graph:*.ai *.plt *.dxf *.dst *.svg *.nc *.g *.bot *.gbr *.dst *.jpc

Desktop Pneumatic Marking Machine​

  • Desktop Heavy duty dot peen marking machine is designed for small parts or round products, such as small bearings, brake discs, flanges, etc. The rotary axis diameter is 80mm. We also have 120mm and 150mm optional. Sign permanent display. It supports heavy needles, and the deepest marking thickness can be 1mm.

The machine has cast iron upright and table. The machine’s total weight is 75 kg. It can be used longer, and the structure won’t deform.

  • The table-type pneumatic marker marks round products like boat brake discs and flanges. The machine’s standard rotary axis diameter is 300mm. We can also customize 800mm size or bigger. 

We have our factory and can design it easily.


Pin Marking Machine Upgradeable Parts

The machine has a basic control cabinet, and we also have an upgraded control box to choose from.

handheld dot peen marking machine cabinet

Basic Cabinet.

Cost-effective type.

Need to connect the computer support WIN10/11 system.

pin marking machine K2 operate system

K2 Touch Screen 

This is offline working.

Customize any font you need.

Dot Pin Marking Machine Application

This machine has a wide range of uses

  • Mark metal parts such as cars and motorcycles. For example: engine, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder, etc.
    Can mark number, name, trademark, production date, graphics and etc
  • Print the frame number of electric vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.
  • Printing of labels for various commodities, vehicles, and equipment products;
  • Various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel, instruments and meters. Marking of metals such as mechanical and electrical equipment; plastic products.
dot peen engrave marking on stainless steel
Marking frame number Engine number
Dot Peen Engraver sample
Graphic Engraving
Portable Metal Marking Machine engrave name plate
Nameplate engraving
pneumatic marking engrave on tube
Cylinder engraving

Dot Peen Marking Machine Sumarry

Now, I am sure you have a general understanding of the dot peen marking machine. To ensure the device has perfect working performance, all our machines need 1-2 days to finish assembly and quality tests after getting your payment. When you receive it, connect your air compressor; it works immediately. There is no need to buy any additional parts.

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