CO2 galvo laser marking machine List

CO2 Galvo laser marking machine is specially used for marking non-metallic materials. The materials that can be processed are: wood products, bamboo products, acrylic, leather, ceramics (ceramic paper required), textiles, paper, etc.


The following are our best-selling three types of CO2 Galvo laser machine models.

The standard galvanometer of the co2 laser marking machine is 10-spot. We also have 16-spot and 20-spot options.

In addition to the above models, we also have

  • Flying CO2 laser etching 
  • 60W 80W high power laser laser marking CO2
  • Galvo CO2 dynamic marking machine.

If the marking area you need is larger than 300*300mm, we recommend a CO2 engraving machine, which is also cheaper.

Galvanometer Types Of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 galvanometer, we commonly use RC16(16-spot), RC2808(20-spot).

Among them, RC2808 is the best-selling one, with more precise marking and suitable for high-power, large-area marking.

The larger the spot, the slower the speed, and the finer the engraving.

co2 laser marking machine RC16 galvanometer
  • Marking Speed: 900mm/s
  • 6x beam expander


co2 galvo laser machine RC2808 galvanometer
  • Marking Speed: 800mm/s
  • 8x beam expander
30W CO2 LASER engrave on wood

This is the CO2 laser printing machine result of 10 and 20 spot markings.

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Beam expanders can change the size and divergence characteristics of the beam. The function of the CO2 laser etching beam expander is first to expand the beam and then focus it to obtain a smaller focus.

The characteristic of a CO2 laser beam expander is that it can improve the collimation characteristics of the beam.

CO2 Galvo Laser Summary

I hope you enjoy the guide on our CO2 Galvo laser machine. The specific information of these machines can also be used as a reference for choosing the appropriate co2 laser marking machine.

The most widely used field of co2 laser marking systems is the advertising industry. Therefore, there are many types of CO2 engraving machines. The sizes and thicknesses of the materials are also different.

When selecting a co2 marking system, ensure it is configured to match your materials.

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