30W CO2 Laser Galvo Etching Machine For Wood Acrylic

This 30W CO2 laser is our hottest type. This CO2 laser etching is valid on wood, acrylic, and other non-metals. The marking area of this galvo CO2 is 150*150mm.

  • Model: LYC-30W
  • Laser Source: 30W YONGLI
  • Working Area: 150*150mm
  • SINO 7110 Galvanometer & filed lens
  • EZCAD 2.14.10
  • 110V / 220V

30W CO2 Laser Features

30W CO2 laser description

This 30W CO2 laser has a simple structure and is easy to transport. The whole weight of this CO2 laser etching is 45 kg.

  • The chassis contains three switching power supplies and a control card.
  • The laser of the galvo CO2 is designed in the optical path part and is connected to the laser head.

The machine uses a 30W Yongli laser source.

We also have 35W DAVI optional.

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CO2 GALVO cabinet
galvo co2 red pointer

The chassis adopts a push-pull design, which makes daily maintenance or internal inspection very convenient without removing any screws.

The double red light pointer design can accurately adjust the position you want to mark.

And based on the position of the red dot, you can quickly find the optimal focal length of the machine.


Upgradable Parts Of CO2 Galvo Laser Engraver

30W CO2 Laser with 800mm upright

800mm upright

co2 laser etching machine

800mm upright + 20-spot galvanometer

galvo CO2 with RC2808


The machine can be upgraded to a column height of 800mm, suitable for marking thick and tall materials.

  • The standard galvanometer of this machine is SINO7110 10 spot, equipped with a 4x beam expander.
  • You can also upgrade to RC2808 20-spot with an 8x beam expander.

The marking speed will be slower, but the marking effect will be more precise.

30W CO2 LASER engrave on wood

We used wood to compare the different marking effects of 10-spot and 20-spot galvanometers.

The machine is 30W, and the marking area is 150*150mm.

  • If you only need to mark signs and don’t have high accuracy requirements, then a 10-spot is enough.
  • If you need ultra-fine marking, such as engraving portrait photos, etc., you need a 20-spot laser.

Galvo CO2 Samples

co2 laser etching on wood
galvo co2 engrave on round wood
co2 galvo engrave on acrylic

Package Of CO2 Laser Etching

galvo co2 accessories

When you receive the machine, plug and play.
We have equipped the machine with complete components required.

co2 galvo laser engraver package case

Package Size: 860*540*680mm

Package Weight: 65kg

Strong plywood package.

30W CO2 Laser Summary

If you happen to be looking for a galvo CO2 but don’t know much about the CO2 marking machine, I hope this article about the 30W CO2 laser will be helpful to you.

For this co2 laser etching machine, the 20-spot galvanometer engraves more finely, and the price is relatively higher. If you only need to make some simple marks, then a 10-spot is the most cost-effective.

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