Laser Product: Laser Marking, Welding And Cleaning Machines Supplier.

SHUBIN COMPANY, laser product supplier. Build in 2012—over ten years of experience in laser machines.

Our main products are laser marking machines, laser cleaning machines, laser welding Machines and dot Peen Marking machines.

Perfect after-sales service and equipment quality are the important factors for us to win the market reputation.

Tell us about your job, and we’ll customize a mechanical solution that best suits your needs with a cost-effective value.

Laser Product Solution

We are a China laser product manufacturer. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, high-performance laser equipment worldwide.

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We all know that when choosing a product, the right one is the best, not the most expensive.

  • When you want a laser marking machine to do colour marking, do you choose 30W or 60W? Why?
  • When you want a laser cleaning machine to clean a 200mm metal area, should you choose 1000W or 2000W?
  • Is dual wire feeding necessary when you want a laser welding machine to weld 4mm stainless steel? Why?
As a manufacturer, We have perfect and systematic training. We are in our warehouse daily. Our sales have the most complete and systematic machine knowledge. We can help you get the most suitable machine configuration based on your materials. 
As a factory, We can customize the structure and configuration for our customers’ work. We can do OEM and ODM customized solutions for agents.

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Laser machine supplier design for you!

We have our own laser factory and can customize the machine according to your workpiece with reasonable price and first-class service.

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We focus on laser product manufacturing. We can help you get the most affordable laser equipment. 

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Our Laser Product Cooperative Partner

Below are the suppliers of our laser product parts that we work with. All our machine parts series number information is on the official website. Whether it’s a laser marking machine, a laser welding machine, or a laser cleaning machine, we guarantee the use of genuine software and accessories.

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